Wellness Center Mindfulness Meditation

Quiet Mind. Open Heart. All members of the St. Thomas community are invited to join the weekly Mindfulness Meditation sessions hosted by the Wellness Center in collaboration with the Project for Mindfulness and Contemplation. These free sessions are led by a trained student staff member and held every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:15pm – 1:00pm in the Wellness Center, Murray-Herrick Campus Center, Room 355 (MHC 355). Sessions are designed to help those who attend develop a mindfulness practice, helping them be present in the moment and reduce the stresses of everyday life. Mindfulness practices help to declutter your mind and increase focus and intentionality. No previous experience is required. Those who are interested in learning more about mindfulness and strategies to include mindfulness practices into their lives are encouraged to attend. Newcomers and experienced meditators will find these sessions useful in escaping the commotion of their day.

For more information visit the Project for Mindfulness and Contemplation website or the Wellness Center website for all our upcoming events.