Dining Services Community Connection

This past fall, University of St. Thomas Dining Services was the recipient of the annual Pathways Award from Midwest Special Services (MSS). Our executive chef and registered dietitian attended the award luncheon representing dining services, and accepting the award on our behalf.

In 2015, Randy Bloom with Midwest Special Services reached out to Dining Services asking for consideration of a partnership with MSS.  A relationship formed and through Dining Service’s willingness to engage with MSS through their Supervised Work Crew Services, over 10,000 hours of paid work for the persons with disabilities served in their job programs was realized through this relationship.

Since 2015, over 80 individuals have gained valuable job experience at the University of St. Thomas Dining Services and as a result, several of these individuals have been able to move on to their goal of independent employment in the community.  This partnership truly is representative of the Common Good and our partnership with MSS most certainly has a positive impact on the local community.

This year we engaged in additional employment opportunities with MSS to address student worker shortages, and to assist on the Minneapolis campus as we transitioned to serving a breakfast/lunch meal plan to the Dougherty Family College students. MSS employees now have a daily presence in all of our dining locations.

Here is a video link of the presentation of the annual Pathways Award 2017 to the University of St. Thomas Dining Services:

St. Thomas Pathways Award.mp4