New Options Available in The View

Students returning to The View for spring semester were greeted with a variety of new options centered on healthy wellbeing and recent feedback. During the fall semester of 2016, Dining Services conducted a comprehensive survey seeking student feedback in regards to eating preferences, service standards, and menu selection. Committed to providing excellent dining experiences, a variety of new menu selections have been implemented.

In respect to healthy options, The View introduced a greater variety of fruit along with assorted breakfast toppings such as flax seed and coconut. In addition to enhanced breakfast options, “Superfoods” is becoming a popular food trend in recent months; superfoods are nutrient rich foods which include large doses of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Superfoods are known to potentially reduce the risk for disease, prolong life, and improve wellbeing. Recent examples of The View’s implementation of this popular trend include the “Superfood Bar,” which allows students to craft their own dish using a variety of fruits, vegetables, and meat over a base choice of quinoa or couscous. In addition to the Superfood bar, The View debuted two versions of “Superfood Slaw,” a new take on the traditional coleslaw packing a flavor punch. Other additions of student requested healthy options include brown rice, specialty grain salads, and new culturally diverse and plant-forward meatless options.

The View has also tuned in to student palates with new flavorful entrees including three flavors of Dutch inspired pannekoeken, eggs benedict breakfast pizzas, and a tasty new apple maple French toast bake. For lunch and dinner, The View has introduced new entrees from around the world with “Piada Bar,” allowing students to create their own version of Italian street food. The world tour continues daily with other options including Cubanos, Italian focaccia sandwiches, curry, tourtière, gyros, pho, and jagerschnitzel to name only a few. Students can find these world delights daily for lunch and dinner at the World Eats station.  

Our commitment to providing excellent dining experiences is an ongoing process as we continue to seek and implement student feedback. With these recent additions to our already diverse selection of menu items from eight stations, it is our hope students will be even more satisfied. The View has always been a place of gathering for our community, enabling students to enjoy meals with their peers with the addition of food which enriches and nourishes their daily life.