Preparing for the Holiday and J-Term Break

Greetings Parents from Residence Life,  

As we approach the holiday season and J-Term, students have been provided detailed information about housing during this time and how to prepare their room if they are moving home for January.  Students living in traditional-style housing are required to sign up to stay over the Holiday Break and January if they want/need to stay.  Students living in apartment or suite-style housing are allowed to stay without signing up. 

We ask all students to take this time, midway through the year, to conduct a deep clean of their space, take home items that are no longer needed, organize/prepare the space for Spring semester.  Residence Life staff will conduct room checks to ensure rooms are cleaned and in good living condition. 

Students not returning to the halls or campus for Spring semester, will need to properly check out of their room before the holiday break.  New students will be arriving to the halls over January, so some students will be receiving new roommates. 

Any questions about holiday and J-Term housing should be directed to the Resident Advisor, Apartment Coordinator or Hall Director. 

Go Tommies!