Resident Students Looking Ahead

As the academic year begins to wrap up, we hope that your student’s experience in the residence halls has supported their development as a college student. Please let us know if you have any feedback for us, we can be reached at (651) 962-6470. 

We have some helpful tips for you to share with your student as they prepare to move out in May. Doing an all-room pickup/clean in April will help students to identify what items can be discarded, donated or taken home prior to moving out. Residence Life and Facilities Management will provide donation bins to allow students to donate food, clothing, electronics, small appliances, futons, couches, chairs and other items. Your student should plan to move out of their room within 24 hours of their last final exam. Remind your students to allow enough time to remove personal items, clean the room and check out with their RA/AC. 

If your student is interested in staying on campus for the summer, please have them refer to our website for the summer housing information. Applications for summer housing are due on Sunday, April 28, and must be submitted online through the Murphy Online Student Housing System.