SCP Arts Collaboration with CAS SOLV Initiative

Investigating the Impacts of Innovative Pedagogies on Sustainability Literacy


CAS SOLV Initiative research is studying the impact of SCP Arts innovative pedagogies on sustainability literacy. Photos show examples of SCP Arts project workshops that will be included as data in the CAS SOLV Initiative research.

In the classroom:  Pedagogy

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) SOLV Initiative is funding research to investigate the impact of innovative pedagogies on sustainability literacy. 

One of the innovative pedagogies that the CAS SOLV Initiative is researching is SCP Arts! 

SCP Arts is an arts-based, applied learning program created by the St. Thomas Sustainable Communities Partnership (SCP).  Faculty, SCP partners, and SCP's Artist-in-Residence collaboratively develop an arts-based course project that enriches student problem solving and advances SCP partner's sustainability goals.  Through arts-based workshops during class, the SCP Artist-in-Residence and students co-create project artwork to analyze and communicate project findings. SCP partners share and display the project artwork in their communities and beyond, making findings more accessible to the community and fostering public engagement with their sustainability goals.

Several SCP Arts courses will be studied by CAS SOLV Initiative researchers to examine the impact of SCP Arts pedagogies on sustainability literacy. This research is led by Dr. Mike Klein.  Preliminary findings coming soon!

In the community:  Exhibits

SCP Arts is collaborating with the CAS SOLV Initiative on research about the impacts of sustainability-themed artwork on the public's sustainability literacy.  

  • Metro Transit Earth Week Light Rail Installation
    Student researchers will study the impacts of a fully-illustrated light rail train car on transit riders' experiences.  This public art installation is a collaboration between Metro Transit; SCP Arts; Dr. Mike Klein's Leadership for Social Justice (JPST 365) course; the College of Arts and Sciences SOLV Initiative; and SCP Artist-in-Residence and local, St. Paul-based artist, Sarah Nelson. Learn more about the Metro Transit Earth Week Light Rail Installation here
  • St. Thomas River Corridor Walk
    SCP Arts is collaborating with Dr. Kevin Theissen and local artist Jessica Turtle to design and construct a “River Corridor Walk” on the St. Thomas campus that highlights the geology and ecology in our location along the Mississippi River Gorge and in greater Minnesota. The River Corridor will have multiple interpretive installations that combine science and art to increase the St. Thomas community’s literacy about local geology and geologic history. This project is led by Dr. Theissen and will be funded by the CAS SOLV Initiative.

    SCP Arts is partnering to facilitate the integration of the River Corridor into course-based, arts-based projects through which students apply what they are learning to develop interpretive content, in collaboration with local artists.