SCP Artist-in-Residence

Sarah Nelson

Sarah Nelson

Sarah Nelson is a visual artist based out of St. Paul, MN.  Sarah has displayed in galleries around the country and started her own illustration company, Auslandish Company, in 2016. Her drawings focus on place and nature, and most recently Sarah has been engaging environmental challenges and the beauty and resilience of the planet through her art. Her latest solo exhibit with the Natural Heritage Project featured endangered species and their impact on ecosystems. Her work is based on research and meant to elevate and expose the fragility and elegance of the natural world.  

Sarah's work as the Sustainable Communities Partnership (SCP) Artist-in-Residence is to empower students collaborating with SCP partners on environmental care and climate vulnerability to have a voice that speaks beyond their course reports and graphs.  She will be leading interdisciplinary SCP Arts projects and workshops as well as generating artistic responses that are directed by students in response to their project findings.

Working with the SCP Arts Initiative has been an incredible experience both as an artist and as an individual who is passionate about sustainability. Having the opportunity to use my skills to help students communicate research in ways that empower communities is incredibly rewarding. The process generates a final product that can be used by partners to engage communities and that equips students to speak about their findings with those outside of their field of study.

- Sarah Nelson, SCP Artist-in-Residence, 2018-2019