Curricular Innovation in Sustainability Award

The Curricular Innovation in Sustainability Award recognizes faculty for innovation and excellence in integrating sustainability into a single course, both through innovation in sustainability content and demonstrated student learning and engagement with sustainability. Click here to view example guidelines. For more information about the award, please contact Elise Amel.

2017 Award Recipients:  Matthew Kim and Monica Hartmann

Matthew Kim and Monica Hartmann, Department of Economics, earned the 2017 Curricular Innovation in Sustainability Award for developing and integrating a collaborative project with the OSI’s Sustainable Communities Partnership and the City of Delano into Economics of the Public Sector (ECON337) and Managerial Decision Making (ECON401). This semester-long project, Analyzing Energy Efficiency Upgrades of Public Infrastructure in Delano, Minnesota, challenged students to apply economic theory to real-world issues to advance Delano’s sustainability goals. Students presented their recommendations for efficiency upgrades, with net savings of $854,000 over the next ten years, to Delano's City Council. The selection committee stated that Kim and Hartmann’s work is particularly laudable because of the depth of work, level of integration into the curriculum, coordination of student work across two courses, and the major deliverables to the city. Watch a film about their project here.  Read more about the project here.

‌‌2016 Award Recipient: Todd Lawrence

Todd Lawrence, Department of English, is the recipient of the 2016 Curricular Innovation in Sustainability Award for his work developing and implementing sustainability components in his GENG672 Ethnographic Writing course. Todd's class is a graduate course in which students created narratives about the relationships between residents and their urban farming traditions and practices in north Minneapolis. Throughout the semester, students developed their narratives by actively engaging with urban agriculture leaders through interviews and visiting urban agriculture sites. The ethnography project emerged from a collaborative partnership between the OSI’s Sustainable Communities Partnership and the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO), a local governmental unit interested in fostering “stewardship of the watershed with actions that promote civic ownership and responsibility.”  Read more about the Urban Agriculture Ethnography project here.

‌‌2015 Award Recipient: Debra Petersen

Debra Petersen is the recipient of the 2015 Curricular Innovation in Sustainability Award for her work developing and implementing Public Speaking (COJO 100) with a sustainable food systems theme. Debra not only has integrated sustainability topics into a course not typically addressing sustainability, but also has tackled it comprehensively, creating a driving theme throughout the course. Her course has had significant reach; it serves a broad spectrum of students (including Business, Health and Human Performance, Computer Science, and History majors) who take it as an allied requirement for their majors. Debra has used this theme in over a dozen of her sections of COJO 100, impacting over 200 students so far. Read more from the Newsroom here.

2014 Award Recipient:  Tim Scully

Tim Scully is the recipient of the 2014 Curricular Innovation in Sustainability Award. Tim designed Videography (COJO 360) around the theme of sustainability. His students completed three collaborative projects:  1) a documentary about sustainability efforts on the UST campus, A Vision of Sustainability, in collaboration with UST faculty, staff, and students; 2) a public service announcements centered around sustainable practices on campus in collaboration with biology students; and 3) environmentally themed video segments for a Macalester College dance performance in collaboration with UST environmental studies and science courses, the Ordway Center for Performing Arts, and the Pilobolus Dance Company.

2013 Award Recipient: Dalma Martinovic-Weigelt

Dalma Martinovic-Weigelt is the recipient of the 2013 Curricular Innovation in Sustainability Award for her leadership and innovation in collaboratively crafting a new course in the Biology core curriculum, the Biology of Sustainability (BIOL 209).

Dalma's colleagues write that her leadership in course development and ability to engage students in sustainability science has "helped catalyze a thematic shift in Biology toward sustainability."