Current SCP Projects

ESCI 430

Environmental Science students visit the Empire Wastewater Treatment Plant for their Sustainable Landscape Analysis project with the Metropolitan Council.

Spring 2019 Projects

  • Metropolitan Council & Environmental Science Research Capstone (ESCI 430) | Sustainable Landscape Analysis at Metropolitan Council Wastewater Treatment Plants | Eric Chapman

  • Metro Transit & Decision Analysis (OPMT 320) | Tracking and Forecasting Metro Transit Advertising Inventory | Kyle Goldschmidt

  • Metro Transit & Marketing Research (MKTG 340) | Market Demand Research for Metro Transit Merchandise | David Harman

  • Metro Transit & Marketing Research (MKTG 340) | Investigating Preferred and Sustainable Promotional Give-Aways for College Students | David Harman

  • PLACE & Marketing Management (MKTG 430) |  Developing a Marketing Strategy for PLACE | Jamal Al-Khatib
  • PLACE & Psychological Testing (PSYC 313) | Developing Survey Constructs for Happiness and Well-Being | Tonia Bock

Spring 2019 SCP Arts Projects

Project Cluster:  Creating Interactive Activity Guides and Designs for Experiential Engagement for the St. Thomas Department of Biology Pollinator Path

SCP and the St. Thomas Pollinator Path have a multi-year partnership to enrich the ecological and educational value of the pollinator path for St. Thomas and the broader community through course-based partnerships across disciplines.
The Pollinator Path transforms parts of campus into an open-air lab for observing pollinators in action and enriching pollinator habitat.  Anyone can walk it, from campus visitors, students, neighbors, and students on field trips.

This Spring 2019, courses in Biology and Engineering will apply their ecological and engineering design knowledge to create interactive activity guides and designs for experiential engagement, in partnership with local artists:  SCP Artist-in-Residence Sarah Nelson and SCP Collaborating artist Jessica Turtle. 

St. Thomas River Corridor Walk Project & The Earth’s Record of Climate (GEOL 162) | Creating the St. Thomas River Corridor WalkKevin Theissen

SCP Arts is collaborating with Kevin Theissen in the Department of Geology to design and construct a “River Corridor Walk” that highlights the geology and ecology in our location along the Mississippi River Gorge and in greater Minnesota. The River Corridor will have multiple interpretive installations that combine science and art to increase the St. Thomas community’s literacy about local geology and geologic history.

The River Corridor Walk project is led by Dr. Theissen and will be funded by the CAS SOLV Initiative. SCP Arts is partnering to facilitate the integration of the River Corridor into course-based, arts-based projects through which students apply what they are learning to develop interpretive content, in collaboration with local artists.