City of Delano (2016)

Completed Projects

Economics of the Public Sector (ECON 337), Matthew Kim
Managerial Decision Making (ECON 401), Monica Hartmann
Spring 2016

Project Overview

The City of Delano seeks to increase the energy efficiency of its public infrastructure to reduce energy use and costs. Students will collaborate on two projects: 1) a benchmarking study of public buildings and 2) an analysis for street lighting upgrades. Based on their analysis, students will propose potential improvements/upgrades to public buildings and evaluate the technical and political feasibility of the proposed upgrades; students will also determine options for updating the City’s street lighting to LED lighting and the payoff times for different updating scenarios.  Students will provide these policy recommendations to the City in a report, and students will also create a dynamic analytical tool for the City that can be updated as parameter values change or additional data become available. Students will also present their work to the Delano City Council or city staff. Students’ work will also assist the City in advancing their GreenStep City rating through increasing the energy efficiency of public infrastructure.

City Outcomes
  • Students determined that the City could generate net savings of $854,000 over the next ten years with efficiency upgrades.
  • The City has integrated these efficiency upgrades into their capital improvement plan.
  • Delano’s City Council will review this plan and determine when the projects will be completed with respect to budgetary constraints each year.