SCP Artists-in-Residence

Sustainable Communities Partnership (SCP) Artists-in-Residence collaborate with students to translate students' SCP project findings into artwork and collaborate with students and the community to explore the social and ecological dimensions of human and environmental interactions.  SCP and partners share the artwork in their communities and beyond, bringing to life community sustainability goals for people of all ages.  See installations and exhibits.

Mike Klein - 2022-2023
Public artist

Brad Hagen - 2021-2022
Curator, Environmental (In)justice in Mni Sóta Maoce
Creative writer / photographer

Said Shaiye - 2021-2022
Curator, Environmental (In)justice in Mni Sóta Maḳoce
Creative writer / photographer

Jessica Turtle - 2020-2021
Visual artist
Founder of the Natural Heritage Project

Sarah Nelson - 2018-2019
Visual artist 



Working with the SCP Arts Initiative has been an incredible experience both as an artist and as an individual who is passionate about sustainability. Having the opportunity to use my skills to help students communicate research in ways that empower communities is incredibly rewarding. The process generates a final product that can be used by partners to engage communities and that equips students to speak about their findings with those outside of their field of study.

- Sarah Nelson, SCP Artist-in-Residence, 2018-2019