Sustainability Research at Inquiry Poster Session

May 10, 2017

On Tuesday, May 9th, the Grants and Research Office hosted their semesterly Inquiry at UST poster session for undergraduate students to share their research with the St. Thomas community. The Office of Sustainability Initiatives would like to celebrate five students whose projects addressed specific environmental issues facing us today. These projects were identified as “Green Research” by the Office of Sustainability Initiatives because they focus on environmental sustainability through varied interdisciplinary lenses on a local or global scale.

Congratulations to the following students and their research collaborators on advancing Green Research:

Jane Feely
Fathead Minnows’ Behavioral Response to Prostaglandin Exposure
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dalma Martinovic

Maddie Hankard
Environmental Photochemistry of The Steroid Dienogest: Photolysis and Product to Parent Reversion
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kristine Wammer

Luke Melander
Numerical Modeling of an Acoustic Energy Harvester using COMSOL
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jeong Ho You

Adam Peterson
Modeling Surface Induced Dissociation of Polypeptides
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Joshua Layfield

Patrick Swords
Variability in Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Katherine Acton and Dr. Afshan Ismat