Student Spotlight

May 22, 2020

Wesley Joarnt shares his experience in Sustainable Communities Partnership courses during his time at the University of St. Thomas.  Wesley, from Stillwater, MN, graduated this Spring 2020 with an Operations and Supply Chain degree.  Wesley enjoys working with cars and enjoys time outside whether it be out on a farm or hiking and camping.  Congratulations, Wesley!

"I am a graduating senior of the Class of 2020, and although this may not have been the year that anyone hoped for, some of us were still able to finish off our educational career with one of the most influential programs that college has to offer. I am speaking of the Sustainable Communities Partnership at the University of St. Thomas. Through my 4 years of schooling at St. Thomas, I was fortunate enough to be in two different SCP projects, with the most recent one concluding this past week.

This most recent project was a collaboration with the City of St. Paul and our Service Operations class taught by Matt Larson. We helped them find ways to help fix the inefficiency of idling their fleet vehicles from sedans to bucket trucks. During this project, my group and I learned a lot about how much idling can cost when you have hundreds of vehicles doing it for a long period of time and how to find products and operating procedures to help fix it.

The reason why SCP is such an amazing program for students is that we are able to help people with real world problems by applying the knowledge we have gained over the years and to gain confidence in what we know. Not only do we learn how to apply the knowledge we have gained over our 4 years at St. Thomas, but it is also a great chance to add this experience to our Resumes.

Both this Service Operations class that partnered with the City of St. Paul and my Data Analytics class that partnered with Metro Transit taught me more about how my skills would benefit a future employer of mine than any other class I have ever taken. For this, I am forever grateful for the Sustainable Communities Partnership and their clients for giving us the chance to help make a difference for them."