Newest SCP Project Film: Computer Science Students Create an App

February 13, 2017

The Freshwater Society’s (FWS) Master Water Stewards (MWS) program partners with cities and watershed districts to develop, certify, and support community volunteer leaders to manage stormwater at a neighborhood scale to improve water quality. After a successful pilot, the FWS is preparing to expand the MWS program to watershed districts and cities state-wide.  As the program expands, the FWS needs to provide a means for Stewards to keep track of their work (e.g., hours, who they interact with, projects they develop) as well as the effects of their work on reducing stormwater runoff and improving water quality.  The FWS would also like to document and deliver these results to participating governmental units in a way that adds value to their current system for stormwater reporting/permitting.  

Students in System Analysis and Design II rose to the challenge!  Using a user-centered design approach, they captured user-requirements through interviews with cities and watershed districts.  Then, they created a prototype application for Stewards to track their work and projects.  Great work!  Watch the project film here!