Beyond Curriculum

Discover exciting co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities for experiential learning in sustainability at the University of St. Thomas.

Sustainability Living Learning Community

The Sustainability Living Learning Community is a new initiative of Student Affairs and Academic Affairs.  Learn more about this exciting program.


Over J-Term and spring break, Center for Ministry organizes VISION trips, which are based on six components: service, simplicity, spirituality, community, justice issues, and intercultural exchange.  Learn more about J-term and spring break trips that focus on sustainability by contacting the VISON program.

Student Clubs & Organizations Incorporating a Sustainability Focus

Get involved with sustainability around campus! Listed below are student-led clubs and organizations on campus that highlight sustainability in their mission, meetings, and activities.

View the mission of Engineers for a Sustainable World and contact the club for more information here.

Contact Sustainability club by email for more information on meeting times and events, and view the mission of Sustainability Club here.

Contact USG's sustainability chair Annie Youngblood with any questions or comments about USG's involvement in sustainability on campus.

View the Undergraduate Student Government webpage here.

Coming soon to St. Thomas is the first ever UST Changemaker Club! If you are passionate about making a difference on campus, in your community, or if you dream even bigger, your ideas will be put into action with the Changemaker Club.

As a background to the Changemaker Club, the idea for the club stemmed from the University's efforts to become an Ashoka Changemaker Campus. Essentially, this designation means that St. Thomas would like to identify as driver of social and environmental change. The Changemaker Club will bring together a group of passionate, empowered individuals who aren't afraid to shake things up and maybe cause a little ruckus in the process. As a Changemaker, you do exactly that, make change. There is no better way to do that than through collaboration of a diverse group of people. As students, we are the focus of upper level management decisions, and I know we can get things done and make a huge impact at this school if we get enough of our peers on board.

That said, not only will this club be amazingly inspiring and motivating, but the club will be structured so that everyone has a leadership position. Each issue we tackle will be completely open-ended and determined by personal experiences or group brainstorming. At the same time, the Changemaker Club will create campus-wide partnerships by working with other clubs and orgs to maximize our impact as spokespeople for the general St. Thomas population. In the end, the goal is for each of you to walk away from St. Thomas with tangible results regarding a social or environmental issue. I don't have to persuade any of you but the amount of professional development and resume building is remarkable!

If you feel motivated about creating environmental and social change, or if you have an idea you want to see put into action, email Parker Hewes ( and become a member. It is time for St. Thomas students to create the change we want to see, and the Changemaker Club will be the source.