A Nobel Vocation

National Conference on Faith, Food & the Environment.

Date & Time:

Wednesday, March 21, 2018
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
March 21-23



Woulfe Alumni Hall
University of St. Thomas

The Faith, Food, and Environment Project, an initiative of Catholic Rural Life, is hosting a national conference, A Noble Vocation: Integrating Faith, Food and the Environment. The conference will serve as a platform for presentations and panel discussions on the themes presented in the Vocation of the Agricultural Leaderand as a center for discussion among the many types of people in attendance from all over the country who are interested in the topic. See conference details and schedule here.

The Faith, Food and Environment Project

Can agricultural leadership–and society in general–agree on a set of principles regarding the common good and stewardship of creation?

Can we produce a sufficient supply of food while ensuring the vitality of the natural environment for generations to come?

Is it possible to go deeper into the humanity of agriculture by upholding the dignity of human work and affirming the nobleness of the vocation of farming?

We believe so, and therefore have articulated a set of moral guidelines for the vocation of agriculture in the 21st century. Agriculture faces a constant challenge: how to produce a sufficient supply of food while ensuring the vitality of the natural environment for generations to come. Public policy and market mechanisms set the stage, but a moral set of principles can guide those in their agricultural calling for the good of all.

What is Faith, Food and the Environment?

Faith, Food and the Environment is an initiative exploring the state of agriculture and asks whether the nations of the world are on a sustainable path in how food and agricultural goods are produced. It also affirms the vocation of farming as a God-given calling with certain moral privileges and responsibilities.

The internationally acclaimed document, Vocation of the Agricultural Leader, the fruit of the initiative, outlines these principles that integrate faith, food and the environment in agriculture.


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