Jan van Daalen (St. Thomas More Chapel)

Complementing the visual beauty of the Law School chapel’s award-winning design, the Van Daalen pipe organ supports the music for daily worship for the Law School community. The 33-stop, 8 rank instrument, Van Daalen Op. 5302, was built for a private residence in 1976. It later came to Oak Grove Lutheran Church in Golden Valley, MN. In the summer of 2019, Brian Sullivan of the Obermeyer Organ Company moved and refurbished the instrument. It is placed it on a platform that allows it to be moved within the chapel space.

The dedicatory service and blessing of the instrument took place on Sunday, October 20, 2019, with music by the St. Thomas Liturgical Choir, Matthew Abernathy director, with organists Jessica Park and David Jenkins, guitarist Chris Kachian and violinist Jensen Stanton. The highlight of the service was the premiere of a new setting of Psalm 150 for choir, congregation and organ by St.Thomas Professor Emeritus James P. Callahan.


Jan Van Daalen (Pels & Van Leeuwen) Op. 5302, 1976

33 stops, 8 ranks, Direct electric unit system. Enclosed.

I II Ped 
Bourbon 16 Salicional 8 Subbas 16
Praestant 8 Holpijp 8 Octaaf 8
Roerfluit 8 Voix celeste 8 Gedekt 8
Salicet 4 Praestant 4 Quint 5 1/3
Gedekt Fluit 4 Roerfluit 4 Octaaf 4
Quint 2 2/3 Flageolet 2 Fluit 4
Octaaf 2 Quint 1 1/3 Mixtuur IV
Fluit 2 Tertiaan II Fagot 16
Cornet II Scherp II Schalmey 8
Mixtuur II Fagot 16 Klaroen 4
Schalmey 8 Schalmey 8 P + I  
I + II   Tremulant   P + II