Opening Doors - At a Glance

$515,104,773 total dollars raised. Donors helped make Opening Doors the most successful fundraising campaign in St. Thomas history, and of any private institution within the five-state area!

  • 43,539 overall donors, nearly twice as many donors as St. Thomas's previous campaign.
  • $142,000,000 raised for financial aid, the top priority of the Opening Doors campaign.
  • 309 endowed scholarships created. Ensuring access to a St. Thomas education for generations of students.
  • 58% faculty/staff participation, a 46% increase over five years.
  • 3,302 student donors. Tommies who are giving when they don't have much to give!
  • 19 Endowed chairs and professorships created. Such endowments help attact the most qualified teachers and scholars to St. Thomas.
  • 2,538 President's Council donors. Includes donors whose fiscal-year total was $1,000 or more.
  • 274 new Finn Heritage Society members. Honors all donors of planned gifts to St. Thomas.
  • Challenge matches $25,000,000 (910 gifts; 797 donors) and $20,000,000 (882 gifts; 760 donors).