Your First Step After Arrival...

You should contact International Student Services (ISS) and schedule a "SEVIS Registration" appointment. Please call 651-962-6650 to make the appointment. It is required to complete a SEVIS registration appointment before registering for courses.

Bring the following to your SEVIS Registration appointment:
- passport, I-20 (F-1 students), or DS2019 (J-1 students)
- all previous I-20's (if applicable)
- all previous EAD cards (if applicable)
- all immigration documents for your dependents (if applicable)

After SEVIS Registration, You Should...

  • Get a student ID card in the Card Office, located on the first floor of Murray Herrick Campus Center (MHC) Room 101 - Bring your passport.
  • Open a bank account. We recommend that you have $500-$750 in cash for food and other expenses (it can take 1 week to process international checks).
  • Plan for meals your first week. On-campus meal plans do not begin until the first week of the semester. Make plans to have cash or money to pay for food and other expenses before the semester begins. Click HERE for more information.
  • Attend the mandatory International Student Orientation. Graduate students must also attend their Academic Department Orientation, if applicable.
  • If your TOEFL Score is below 100, you need to attend an English Placement Exam.
  • If you will be taking a math course during your time at St. Thomas, you need to take the Math Placement Exam.
  • All students must attend the Tuberculosis Screening.
  • Meet with your academic advisor and register for your first semester of courses (MUST meet with ISS advisor for SEVIS registration first!)
  • Pay tuition or make a payment plan with the Business Office after you register for courses.

During Your First Few Weeks at UST You Should…

  • Activate your UST email account and check your account for messages from ISS. They will send you updates on exciting activities and on-campus events!
  • Full-time students receive a campus mailbox. If you don't remember your mailbox number or combination, stop by the post office in the basement of Murray-Herrick Campus Center (MHC) to get this information.
  • Verify your address and enter health insurance information in Murphy Online.
  • Get your textbooks.
  • Involvement on campus broadens knowledge of the university, develops leadership skills, adds to a resume and helps connect to the campus community. Attend Welcome Events and Activities Fair to learn more about getting involved!
  • If you plan on working during your first-year, find on-campus jobs through Human Resources or off-campus jobs through the Career Development Center.
  • Review the online Undergraduate Policy Book to familiarize yourself with your rights and responsibilities.
  • Go to class. Some classes may not have attendance requirements, but it is still important to attend! And don’t forget to get to know your professors!
  • Get a parking permit if you plan to commute to campus.
  • Make a budget for your first-semester. Check out CashCourse for helpful reminders and tips.
  • Transfer students should make sure to have completed transferring of credit procedures correctly. Ask your Academic Counselor about any questions or concerns.