Spring 2018 Orientation Leaders

Shehaan Johar

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Major: Computer and Informational Sciences

Extracurricular Involvements: Happy Tommies (president), Rugby Club, Music Industry Club, St. Thomas Purple Gloves, Asia Club

Fun Fact: I play 3 instruments; guitar, piano, and I used to be a DJ in high school.

Why am I an Orientation Leader: I've always loved learning about different cultures and my plan is to travel the world and experience all of it. I wish to share my knowledge and experience here in the USA with fellow students and in turn , learn and understand their cultures as well.

- Center List Item - Shehaan Johar

Marycha Padilla Ochoa

Year: Junior

Hometown: Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Major: Biology

Extracurricular Involvements: Soccer, Rock Climbing, Globally Minded Student Association

Fun Fact: I love to play board games

Why am I an Orientation Leader: To guide, help, and provide support to international students

- Center List Item - Marycha Padilla Ochoa