EthicsPoint Reporting

St. Thomas seeks to foster an environment in which every member of our community has an equal opportunity to contribute and be successful. To accomplish this goal, all members of our community are expected to act in accordance with the community standards articulated in the St. Thomas mission, convictions, policies and applicable law.

When you have questions about whether particular conduct or activities are consistent with St. Thomas community standards, or you observe behavior that you believe violates these standards, the university wants you to speak up.

Contact an Administrator, HR or Student Affairs

We strongly encourage you to raise questions or concerns directly with an appropriate St. Thomas administrator. If you are uncomfortable contacting the administrator directly or are not sure who to contact, or you are uncomfortable with the administrator's response to your question or concern, faculty and staff are encouraged to talk with Human Resources. Students are encouraged to talk with a member of the Dean of Students staff.

Make a Report Through EthicsPoint

We recognize that some people may be uncomfortable raising concerns and questions directly in some situations. The EthicsPoint Reporting System provides a communication alternative that may be more comfortable for you.

EthicsPoint is a reporting tool managed by an independent third party. St. Thomas community members can use EthicsPoint to raise questions and concerns securely and, if you choose, anonymously. You can make a report by submitting an online form or by calling a toll-free telephone number.