Available Apps

St. Thomas offers you full access to Microsoft's cloud-based environment through Office 365 so that you can work seamlessly across your devices to be more productive and collaborative.

Web Apps

OneDriveYammerDelveWordExcelPowerPoint OneNote

Desktop Apps

These apps come pre-installed on all St. Thomas computers. A select number of these apps are available to download for personal laptops and mobile devices.

OutlookSkype for BusinessVisio  Access Publisher

To receive more in depth training on these apps, visit Microsoft's Office Training Center

Microsoft teams

Faculty, staff, and students can now request Microsoft Teams for collaboration. Teams are ideal for project teams and groups working together on a regular basis. 

Teams allow you to have chat-based discussions with your colleges, or direct message them. You can also plug in other Office 365 products (such as OneNote, SharePoint, Microsoft Forms, Planner, Word, Excel and PowerPoint). There are also add-ons available for other popular software such as YouTube.

A new Team can be built for your existing Office 365 group, or you can request a Team and add members yourself.

You can access Teams from the Office 365 app menu or download the Teams program for your computer.

Click here to request a Team.

Learn more about Teams here, and get video training here.

St. Thomas encourages computer use in accordance with its mission and purpose by providing computing resources to the university community. As with all campus resources at the university, please show respect in your academic, professional, and personal work and be mindful of the privacy of other St. Thomas community members.