Commuter Services and Information

Off-Campus Student Life offers a variety of programs and services for students living off campus, whether across the street, to across the Twin Cities.  We offer our monthly Bagel Wednesdays (first Wednesday of each month) and our Midterm and Finals Meltdowns.  We also have several programs serving specific populations of off-campus students.

Commuter Mentor Program

The Commuter Mentor program pairs incoming, first-year students with a mentor (CM) who can serve as a mentor and resource to them throughout their first semester. Each mentor works with a small group of commuters and plans activities and events to participate in as a group. Groups will meet throughout the fall semester to discuss campus resources, activities, and being a commuter. Not only do first year students connect with their mentor, they also form connections within their group. Your CM will keep you informed of campus events and be available to answer questions you may have.

If you have any questions about this program, or to double-check who your advisor is, contact us at

Commuter-Resident Partnership Program

The CRP program is designed for new first-year and transfer commuter students. At the University of St. Thomas, we define commuter students as those who do not live in university-owned housing. Generally speaking, about 8-12% of entering first-year students commute to campus (from a few blocks to several miles). The CRP program is an opportunity for new commuter students to:

  • Join a residence hall community
  • Receive invitations from your Resident Advisor to participate in activities
  • Access residence halls with your UST ID card
  • Meet other new first-year students

Commuter/resident partnerships have existed informally for a long time. However, in the past, commuter students were considered visitors to the hall. Through the CRP program, commuter students have the opportunity to join an entire residence hall floor and receive all of the benefits of being a resident student (except having a room!)

Your Resident Advisor will serve as an additional campus resource beyond your CM and will notify you of floor meetings, activities and events. You will also have guest UST ID card access to the designated residence halls.

If you are interested in signing up for the Commuter-Resident Partnership program, contact us at

Neighborhood Programs/Services

While some of our off-campus students commute across the cities, many others commute from down the block. For our neighborhood students we offer a variety of programs and services.

- Neighborhood Student Advisors Neighborhood Student Advisors (NSAs) are undergraduate students who work for Off-Campus Student Life to plan and implement programs for the students living in the neighborhoods around St. Thomas. Programs range from cooking classes, financial literacy programs, and meet your neighbor events. To see what programs they have planned, visit our programs page. To contact an NSA, visit our staff page.

- Walkthroughs
In the fall of each new school year, Off-Campus Student Life along with Undergraduate Student Government, coordinates a neighborhood walkthrough. During this program, student volunteers go door to door interacting with the students who rent in the neighborhoods around St. Thomas. These volunteers also bring around information about living in the neighborhood, including how to be a respectful neighbor, how to get involved in the community, and information about Off-Campus Student Life.

In the late spring, these groups again go out into the neighborhood providing information to students about how to effectively move out of their rental properties and suggestions for disposing of items that they no longer want to keep after they move out.

- Snow Emergency Drive
Sometime around the first snowfall of the year (September?), Off-Campus Student Life, along with Undergraduate Student Government, work to ensure that students at St. Thomas are aware of the protocols and resources available regarding snow emergencies in the Twin Cities. This includes providing information about UST snow policies, ways to sign up for city emergency declaration services, and what to have in your emergency car kit. Beyond the helpful information, the volunteers are typically also distributing OCSL ice scrapers and some toasty warm hot chocolate (yum!).

- Neighborhood Councils
While not officially part of St. Thomas, these are great opportunities for students living in the neighborhood to be active and involved in the policies of their community: