Student Tenant Education Program (STEP)

A core function Off-Campus Student Services (OCSS) is to educate students about their rights and responsibilities living off-campus, particularly related to the neighborhood community around St. Thomas’ St. Paul campus.

The Student Tenant Education Program (STEP) is two workshops designed to provide students with fundamental resources and knowledge about living off-campus.

When does the STEP take place?

The Student Tenant Education Program consists of two, one-hour workshops. Students must attend both sessions completely in order to be recognized as completing the program.

STEP will be take place over convo hour on February 6 and 8, 2018.  Each STEP offering is two sessions long. Sessions should last about an hour and students must attend both sessions completely to be considered as completing the course. If demand exceeds capacity, more sessions may be scheduled later in the semester.

What does the STEP cover?

Students will learn about living off-campus responsibly. Content areas include:

  • The landlord-tenant relationship
  • Tenant Rights and Responsibilities
  • The Neighborhood, and neighbors
  • Off-campus Safety

This content area will be presented by Off-Campus Student Services staff as well as a variety of guests from St. Thomas and the community.

Why should students complete the program?

Beyond the resources and information on student tenant rights and responsibilities, student tenants who complete the program may be eligible for a security deposit discount from participating landlords.

We encourage landlords and tenants to ensure the program completion discount is written into their lease.

Properties currently participating and offering a security deposit discount:

  • 640 Laurel Ave
  • 1259 Edmund Ave
  • 2100 Lincoln Ave
  • 2071 Roblyn Ave
  • 2176 Dayton Ave
  • 1605 Marshall Ave
  • 2285 Stewart Ave

What about the “Renter’s Ed” session, isn’t that good enough?

OCSS hosts an annual Renter’s Education panel in early February featuring student tenants who live off-campus sharing information about their experience and advising prospective student tenants. That program will continue.

The student panel is an introductory overview, while STEP provides more in-depth content. STEP is for those students who are seriously considering renting off-campus, or those that may already be renting, and looking for more than an introduction.

How do I sign up?

Participation in the STEP is open to any current St. Thomas students. To register for the course, contact Off-Campus Student Services at or 651-962-6659; or feel free to visit us in person in the Anderson Student Center, ASC 253.

Registration space is limited, so be sure to sign up early!