Renter Resources

This guide is a publication designed to assist you in making decisions about living off campus. It contains information on how to find suitable housing, what rights you have as a tenant and where to get help if you have questions.  It supplements the content OCSL offers at our existing renter education opportunities.

This guide also is designed to make you aware of your responsibilities as a member of a neighborhood community. We hope that this awareness will help you establish and maintain positive relationships with your student and non-student neighbors.

This information is both generalized in nature and time-sensitive, meaning that the legal rights and obligations are subject to change by action of the courts or legislatures; therefore, reference to the accompanying information should not be considered a substitute for obtaining professional guidance and advice in specific situations.

For another resource, click here to view the Minnesota Attorney General's guide on landlord & tenant rights and responsibilities.

Living Off Campus

This section provides detailed information on services provided by Off-Campus Student Services, parking and transit information, safety procedures and guidelines on being a good neighbor/roommate.
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The Housing Search

Get tips and guidelines on finding off campus accommodation that fits your needs.
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Entering into a Rental Agreement

This section describes what the law requires of both landlords and tenants in a typical rental agreement.

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Moving In

Guidelines to help understand co-tenant agreements, utilities, insurance and the condition of the accommodation.
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Moving Out

As a tenant, you should be well informed and carefully prepared to terminate your lease. This section provides some items you may want to consider before moving out.
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Rights and Responsibilities

Details regarding rights and responsibilities of both the tenant and the landlord.

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