Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the bagel cart for Bagel Wednesday?

OCSS holds our Bagel Wednesdays on the first Wednesday of each month.  On these days, we take our bagel cart to various locations across campus to provide a quick breakfast/snack to commuters on their way throughout the day.  Each month the cart is in a different location.  To find out where, you have to visit our social media pages:



We'll have the location posted by noon each Tuesday before Bagel Wednesday.

How do I rent a locker?

Locker rentals are available through Tommie Central - the main information desk for the Anderson Student Center.

Lockers for student rental are located on the lower level and second floor of the Anderson Student Center and are available for daily, semester or year-long rental periods.  Semester locker rentals are available for UST students to reserve and pay at Tommie Central. Cost of semester locker rental is $5.00.  Priority will be given to commuter students.  Any remaining lockers available for rental following the second week of the semester will be open to all students.


More information can be found at:

What meal plan options are available for commuters?

Commuters can purchase any student meal plan. For a full listing of the options, visit:

Do you provide assistance to students who are looking for housing in the St. Thomas neighborhoods?

We provide support in a couple of ways:

  1. Visit our off-campus housing listings at off-campus housing
  2. Off-Campus Student Services is a natural place to begin the process. We hold Renter 101 workshops in the Spring Semester for all students. We also publish the Renter Resources and housing listings.

Winter in Minnesota can be unpredictable, will you advise us if the university is canceling classes due to weather, and is there a place to stay just in case the weather makes it difficult for me to get home?

When weather conditions are looking bad, we advise you to use your wise judgment about coming into campus. You may tune into WCCO TV (Channel 4) and 830 AM Radio for weather closings. A general rule has been, if the University of Minnesota closes, the University of St. Thomas also will be closed, and vice versa. Once the university makes the decision to close, it is generally put on answering systems for university telephones, so if you call in, you will get the message. If you have gotten to campus, and the weather makes it difficult to go home, contact Public Safety at (651) 962-5100. They have emergency overnight accommodations information.

How do I post housing opportunities or roommate availability on the Web site?

Go to our off-campus housing listing page and select the "Display" listings option. On the main listings page you can choose to "add a listing." You also can call (651) 962-6138 and a staff member will take your information.

How do I renew my listing on the off-campus housing list? How do I deactivate a listing?

All changes to your listings, whether to update, renew, or deactivate can be done by calling our office at 651-962-6138 during regular business hours or emailing us at  Please have your listing number ready as that will make the process much easier.

If you are leaving a message, please also include a phone or email where we can contact you to confirm the changes have been made.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

Our student and professional staff are prepared to assist you. The main center telephone number should get you started: (651) 962-6138; the Area Manager can be reached at (651) 962-6659.