Why study Neuroscience?

"...from the brain alone come joys, delights, laughter…and sorrows, grief, and sadness. And with the brain, in a special way, we acquire wisdom and knowledge, see and hear, know what is foul and what is fair, what is bad and what is good, and what is sweet and what is unsavory...."
Hippocrates, ~400 BCE

A student answers: What is your favorite part of being a neuroscience major at St. Thomas? "My favorite part about being a neuroscience major has been the incredible opportunity to participate in undergraduate student-faculty research. I have already been able to take part in novel research, learning techniques used by professionals in my field and advancing knowledge in the greater scientific community."

The Neuroscience Program at the University of St. Thomas is an interdisciplinary, research-intensive major leading to the Bachelor of Science degree. We offer a diverse array of courses that explore the biological, chemical and psychological processes that underlie behavior. Our faculty engage undergraduate students in active research programs, are perennial recipients of external funding, and publish in leading journals in the field. The University of St. Thomas Program in Neuroscience is an institutional member of the Society for Neuroscience and of the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience.