Study Abroad Opportunities

Study abroad Neuroecology J-term TheBahamas 2013

The Neuroscience Program offers a J-term study abroad course on Tropical Neuroecology, which examines the role of the environment on the evolution and function of the nervous system. Students can take advantage of cultural learning opportunities and the great ecological variety and biodiversity found on San Salvador Island, The Bahamas. Vertebrate and invertebrate species have evolved to live in the sea, in freshwater and hypersaline lakes, and in many different terrestrial environments. In this richly diverse ecosystem, students explore how nervous systems and organisms have evolved to “tune in” to specific features of the environment. The course is one of only two field courses in the world to explore the connections between environment and the nervous system, and is the only such course offered in the United States.

In addition, St. Thomas faculty offer many other study abroad courses that will count toward the major, and several external programs offer neuroscience and biomedical science courses, such as the Danish Institute for Study Abroad, and the Neuroscience Seminar in Germany from the College of Charleston. Students often take travel courses during J-term or over the summer; with planning, semester-long study abroad experiences may be pursued. If you’re interested in studying abroad, please talk with your advisor as soon as possible to make sure that the course or courses will count toward the requirements for the Neuroscience major. For more information, contact the Study Abroad office at, visit their website, or call (651) 962-6450 for information about different programs.