Student disturbances? Here's what to do

March 26, 2021 / By: Amy Gage

If you live near St. Thomas students and observe them breaking social-distance and gathering-size requirements, please inform the university so that we can educate students about the #StaySafeMN rules and impose consequences, if warranted.

The following mandates are important:

  • No more than 15 people may be gathered indoors, with masks recommended, according to Minnesota Governor Tim Walz's executive order. Up to 50 people may gather outdoors, socially distanced, though a typical city lot cannot accommodate that many. Click here to learn more.
  • Masks are required indoors, at offices, businesses, bars and restaurants, and public indoor spaces, by both city and state-wide order. Click here to learn more from the Minnesota Department of Health.
  • The City of St. Paul noise ordinance remains the same and could be a clue to a large group gathering. Noise is considered excessive outdoors if it disturbs people at a distance of more than 50 feet or is happening from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. (when power tools, lawn mowers and the like are banned) or from 11 p.m. to sunrise for "events," including student socializing.
  • The university requires people to be masked outdoors on campus unless they are able to safely socially distance at 6 feet from any other individual. Click here to read more about our campus COVID plan.
  • Note that the #StaySafeMN laws recommend -- but do not require -- masks outdoors.

So, what should you do?

When you experience noise disturbances or witness the breaking of COVID-19 safety guidelines, please take the following steps:

  1. Call Public Safety Emergency at 651-962-5555. Try to have a student address and be as specific as possible with your complaint.
  2. Call or text Director of Neighborhood Relations Amy Gage at 612-381-4110, as the disturbance is happening.
  3. If you feel the disturbance warrants it, call the St. Paul Police at 911 or 651-291-1111 (the calls go to the same Ramsey County communications center).

Try to have contact information for at least one of the student neighbors at the properties near you. Director of Neighborhood Relations Amy Gage can help with this (call or text 612-381-4110).

What's our goal?

Neighborhood Relations, including the Neighborhood Student Advisors we employ throughout the academic year, works to educate our students about living responsibly and respectfully in the neighborhood. We seek to bring to life our favorite phrase at the university: All for the common good. Thank you, neighbors, for your role in upholding that.