Pilot project aims to keep student move-out clean and green

May 16, 2017

The West Summit Neighborhood Advisory Committee has assembled resources for off-campus students to donate, dump or recycle their belongings after spring semester.

Along with Neighborhood Relations, WSNAC wants to encourage student-renters to leave our neighborhood and your properties in tip-top shape.

 Among the ideas for student-renters:

  • Recycle appliances and electronics at designated businesses or city-approved pick-up spots.
  • Avoid leaving unusable furniture in the alleys or boulevards of the neighborhood.
  • Donate usable furniture and other large items to nonprofits such as the Salvation Army or the Lupus Foundation — perhaps through coordinated pickups.

How can landlords help?

  1. Be in touch with neighborhood liaison Amy Gage (651-962-6123) if you’re interested in being part of a coordinated effort to donate or recycle large items. She can help contact the nonprofits and put landlords in touch with one another.
  2. Communicate now with your student-renters who will be moving out by May 31. Let them know you expect the property and the neighborhood to be left clean.
  3. Send them a list of resources where they can donate clothing and household items, non-perishable food, books and more‌. Click here for the Green Move-Out list.

Thank you for your collaboration in what we hope will be a win-win initiative for all:

  • A smooth student move-out,
  • A clean property for you
  • A neighborhood free of debris in the alleys and on boulevards.