Faculty and Staff Events

 Ongoing Events  

  • Retreat for New Faculty on Mission
    • The Office for Mission in cooperation with Academic Affairs offers off-campus retreats for new faculty addressing the Mission of St. Thomas and the role that faculty play in advancing the Mission.
  • Lunch Discussions for Faculty and Staff on Mission
    • Three or four times a semester, the Office for Mission sponsors lunch discussions for small groups of faculty or staff on mission-related questions.  Open invitations are sent out at the beginning of each semester.
  • Engaging the Mission Faculty Seminars
    • The Office for Mission sponsors a cohort of faculty from across the University for a once-a-month discussion through the academic year on Catholic intellectual tradition culminating in a week-long seminar in Rome the following summer.
    • The Office for Mission also sponsors "Mission Discussion 2.0," a follow-up monthly discussion for faculty who have completed the Rome seminar
  • University Committee on Mission