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Below are links to the Campus Ministry and the Center for the Common Good websites which are among many university and student lead organizations on-campus that offer a multitude of programming for students. 

"Campus Ministry celebrates the diversity of faith traditions represented in our University community by meeting the pastoral and spiritual growth needs of all.  As a Catholic University, we are inspired by the Gospel’s call to service and the Catholic Church’s call to ecumenism and interfaith dialogue.  We work to deepen our community’s commitment to spiritual growth and social justice through a variety of prayer, service, and educational opportunities. "

"At the Center for the Common Good, we connect University of St. Thomas students, faculty, and staff with community engagement opportunities so we can understand today’s most pressing social challenges, build mutually-beneficial relationships, and work toward innovative solutions—all for the common good. When we put our efforts together, we gain a deeper understanding of complex issues, create stronger communities, and become inspired to take action."

Please contact the Office for Mission (mission@stthomas.edu) for details on any programs.