Call for Art Exhibitions

Exhibition Opportunities

Mission: The Hoedeman Gallery of Sacred Art is committed to providing art exhibitions that foster dialogue centered on the diverse religious and sacred identities that make up the St. Thomas community.  

Call for Exhibits

We welcome proposals to exhibit sacred art in our gallery.  We plan to have two major displays during the academic year (September through December and February through May).  An exhibit can be scheduled for Gallery A or Gallery B, or a larger exhibit utilizing both.  (The Operating Principles of the Gallery are attached.)

Gallery A is 20’ 6’’ wide.  Gallery B is 31’ 4” wide.  A hanging rod system is mounted at 11’ off the floor in each gallery.

Application Cycle and Timeline

You are welcome to submit a proposal at any time and it will be reviewed during the next quarterly cycle. 

Proposal Guidelines

To submit a digital proposal, please include the following:

  • Letter of introduction stating the intent of the exhibit and how it complements the mission of the Gallery.
  • Digital images: In JPEG format, 72 dpi, 600 pixels in longest direction
  • Image list: title, artist, medium, dimensions for each
  • Contact information: phone number and email address

Digital proposals only, please.  Do not mail anything.

Send all questions and submissions to:

Fr. Larry Snyder

Vice President for Mission



Operating Principles for the Hoedeman Gallery of Sacred Art


  • The Iversen Center for Faith is the architectural embodiment of the multifaith reality of the University of St. Thomas.  It is a space for people of different faiths to gather/meet in order to deepen their own religious expression, to learn about the diversity of faith traditions, and to join in collaborative ventures.  This will be done through interfaith dialogue in a spirit of respect for the other.
  • As part of the Iversen Center for Faith, the Hoedeman Gallery of Sacred Art shares in the overall purpose and goals of the Center in promoting the understanding and appreciation of multiple faiths and traditions.
  • Since the Iversen Center for Faith falls under the purview of the Office for Mission, that office is responsible for securing the funding for the gallery and maintaining the mission and purpose of the gallery.
  • Exhibits may draw from diverse religious traditions or may feature the sacred art of one particular tradition.  An effort to reflect faiths that are active on campus should be a priority.  Exhibits should represent both contemporary expressions as well as those connecting us to our long history of sacred creations.
  • Proposed exhibitions will be reviewed by representatives from the Department of Art History, Campus Ministry, University Advancement, the Office for Mission, the Department of Theology, and others, and will include student representatives.  This representative advisory group may include experts from outside of the university community.  Final approval for exhibits will rest with the Office for Mission.
  • As stated in Ex corde ecclesiae, part of the mission of a Catholic university is to offer “the rich experience of the Church’s own culture.” The Hoedeman Gallery of Sacred Art is a venue for the university to highlight the artistic contributions of that tradition.
  • While the gallery is first and foremost to benefit students and the university community, it is also a resource for the larger community.  Thus, an invitation should be extended to the broader community to appreciate and benefit from exhibits.