Student Researchers


Microgrid student researcher - Josh Berg 187w

Josh Berg

Eau Claire, WI​

​I am a sophomore at St. Thomas with a double major in Electrical Engineering and Physics with an emphasis in Power Systems. Currently I am a volunteer at the Microgrid. My task is learning from my superiors and Relay Protection programming where we program commands telling the relays to open or close to ensure the grid is running safely and efficiently by having a consultant engineer pre-determine certain values in which the Grid voltages or currents cross a threshold into being too high (Overvoltage/current) or too low (undervoltage/current).

Grant Gregory 187w  Microgrid student researcher

Grant Gregory

Carver, MN​

​I am a sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering at UST with an emphasis in power systems and a minor in physics. For the Microgrid, I specialize in working with the Load Bank and the team at Asco to make sure everything was functioning properly, assisted in the RTAC setup and basic coding of tags, and assisting in looking at fault reports using the software Syncrowave.

Microgrid student researcher - Ian Masui 187w

Ian Masui

Excelsior, MN​

​I am currently pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering at UST and a minor in Computer Science. While working on the Microgrid, I completed various projects. Such as, coding protection logic into 451 relays, creating a network for the devices to communicate with each other, and coding real time automation controllers to command all the relays and other devices to run smoothly. A fun project I did over the summer was to create an interface for the microgrid to allow controlling each device more user friendly.

Microgrid student researcher - Rachel Pietsch 187w

Rachel Pietsch

Andover, MN

I am a sophomore Electrical Engineering major with an emphasis in Power Systems with a Physics minor. I am a member of the Society of Women Engineers at St. Thomas, and I've been a part of the mentorship program in the organization.  With the Microgrid, I have focused on the diesel generator and its Woodward controller, the human machine interface and some relay protection, and recently I have been learning more about the automation controller.

Microgrid student researcher - Jared Ross 187w

Jared Ross

Blaine, MN​

​I am majoring in Electrical Engineering with a Power Systems emphasis and minor in Physics. I will be graduating in December 2021. I am from Elizabeth, CO, but now live in Blaine, MN with my wife and son. Currently I'm working on assisting the graduate students and educating myself on the entire Microgrid system. I spend most of my time learning which includes reading manuals and learning from what the graduate students are working on.


Microgrid student researcher - Victoria Farias 187w

Victoria Farias

I’m an Electrical Engineering undergraduate student at UST. I will be pursuing my MSEE starting Summer 2020. I’m originally from Rosario, Argentina, but I have been living in the U.S. for the past 5 years. I’m currently working for the Microgrid doing my training in the automation sector. I have been involved in research around the implementation of renewables and design of microgrids.​

 Microgrid student researcher - Janani Mohanraj 187w 

Janani Mohanraj

Chennai, India​

I did my schooling and B.S. in Electrical Engineering in Chennai, India. I am currently pursuing my MSEE at UST. I hold a graduate certificate in Power Electronics and Systems. I currently work as a Microgrid Automation Engineer. My responsibilities include development of microgrid controller system including integration, software coding and lab testing for smooth operation of the grid. I started with understanding the microgrid and its architecture, functional and operational design, then we developed various components and modules of microgrid and integrated to make it as a full-fledged grid.