The Newsroom is the online home and publication of record for the news and stories that define the University of St. Thomas.

With a staff of thoughtful and talented journalists, the Newsroom annually publishes more than 1,000 profiles, long-form features, news releases, photo essays, and stories on faculty and student research. We tell the stories that illuminate what it means to be a part of the St. Thomas community.

St. Thomas always has placed a high priority on delivering timely and accurate news. As early as 1946, news and events were announced in a one-page memo published by the President’s Office. The “yellow sheet” for students and “green sheet” for faculty and staff appeared in the 1960s. In 1988, both publications were combined into a printed newspaper, the College of St. Thomas Bulletin, which appeared weekly. A daily electronic version, Bulletin Today, first appeared in August 1999.

The Newsroom was launched in summer 2012, with a stated purpose of collecting news and stories from dozens of sources across the university and distributing that content throughout the St. Thomas web environment via RSS feeds and social media. The result is an integrated, collaborative resource for digital content that is timely, sharable and easily accessible on multiple platforms.