Germany Meets the US Campus Campaign

Germany Meets the US Campus Campaign

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“Americans consider Germany the top non-English speaking US partner and welcome the close bond between our two countries. Intergovernmental relations are at an all-time high as the US and Germany cooperate closely on many foreign policy issues. At the same time, recent demographic and political developments in both our countries pose new challenges to the understanding between our nations. The best way to further strengthen the transatlantic partnership is through direct exchange and people-to-people meetings.”

In this spirit, the German Embassy invited college and university campuses throughout the US to participate in the “Germany Meets the US” Campus Weeks 2016. St. Thomas is again a partner. This is the UST’s German program’s 4th campus campaign after Germany in Europe (2014), 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Wall (2014), and 25 years of German Unity (2015)

About our topic: The US-German relationship is based on strong political, economic and cultural ties, with myriad actors involved on both sides of the Atlantic. The topic for the 2016 Campus Campaign, “Germany Meets the US,” offers us the chance to explore these ties in a variety of ways.

In the 2016 “Germany meets the US” campus weeks at the University of St. Thomas, we will investigate a plethora of factors and topics on both sides of the Atlantic that support a strong Transatlantic Partnership. Focal points of our campus weeks promoting this intercultural relationship and the exchange of ideas and concepts for the common good are Martin Luther and the Reformation and Sustainability.