Film Series – German Reunification in Feature Films 

All movies are in German with English subtitles

Time: 7 pm. 

Location: University of St Thomas, St Paul, MN, OEC #203

  • Monday, Oct. 12: Westwind 
    (Germany, 2011, more information here.) 

  • Tuesday, Oct. 20: Der Turm (The Tower)
    (Germany, 2012, more information here.)

  • Monday, Nov. 2: Die Architekten (The Architects)
    (East Germany, 1990, more information here.)

  • Tuesday, Nov. 10: Chiffriert an Chef – Ausfall Nr. 5 (Code for Boss: Sorty No. 5)
    (East Germany, 1979, more information here.)

  • Tuesday, Dec. 1: Das Leben der Anderen (Lives of Others),
    (Germany, 2006, more information here.)