Placement Exam

  • Language Placement tests can only be taken ONCE for the same language.
  • Students bringing in college credit (College in the Schools, AP) should NOT take the placement test; they should take the next level for which they received credit. 
  • Students bringing in International Baccalaureate (IB) scores SHOULD take the placement test to determine their level of competency; they will receive academic credit for the level(s) below where they placed.
  • There is no academic credit received for levels of a language by-passed by the placement.

All placement exams must be scheduled at least 24 hours prior to taking the exam by contacting the Administrative Assistant, Cory Funk at or by phone 651-962-5150. When scheduling the placement test, students will need to provide their St. Thomas ID#.

All language placement exams consist of multiple choice questions with an hour time limit.

The language placement tests will be taken online in the Modern & Classical Languages Department testing room in OEC 320. Students must bring their St. Thomas ID with them to the appointment. As soon as students answer the last question on the exam they will know immediately the level of the language into which they placed, and will be able to register as soon as able to do so.

The Arabic, Greek, Irish Gaelic and Japanese placement tests should be scheduled with the section coordinator or associate chair:

For any other language placement questions, students should contact the MCL Department Chair at or the Administrative Assistant, Cory Funk at