About the Center

The Muslim Christian Dialogue Center is an initiative of the Theology Department within the College of Arts and Sciences in support of the University mission to educate students “to be morally responsible leaders” for the common good. MCDC specifically advances the University’s strategic priorities of “Embracing our differences as one human family” and of “Catholic-inspired community engagement” by

“Actively develop[ing] our students’ capacity for engaging in and growing from a broad range of worldviews, values and life experiences”


“…sustain[ing] interreligious and ecumenical dialogue…while constantly seeking new opportunities to engage people of all faiths on our campuses and in the broader community.”

In support of this mission and these priorities, the primary impact that MCDC strives to bring about is to:

  • Facilitate mutual understanding between Muslims & Christians
  • Advance spiritual growth, personal development, and leadership skills
  • Spur further learning & research
  • Catalyze partnerships for justice & peace

for students and other members of the University community.