Vecchia Awarded JMM 2017 Outstanding Student Poster

January 11, 2017

Emily Vecchia was recognized for her work at the January 2017 Joint Mathematics Meetings in Atlanta. Emily's poster was given an "Outstanding Poster Award." Emily also gave a very nice talk at the meetings. Her poster is JMM Poster 2017 January Vecchia

Emily's advisor is Prof. Eric Rawdon. The research concerns open knots, which are knots with two endpoints, like those in shoelaces. Scientists have found open knots in the structures of physical systems such as proteins and DNA, but mathematical knot theory focuses on closed knots, which are knotted loops, so there is no established and rigorous definition for open knotting. Together with my advisor, Dr. Eric Rawdon, and other students, I study ways to close and classify open knots to extend traditional knot theory to them, which will ultimately be useful in connecting the function of these physical systems to their knotting structure.