Opportunities Outside the Classroom

Center for Applied Mathematics (CAM) aims to expose students to a variety of mathematical areas by offering the CAM Summer Research Program, student-oriented colloquia and seminars, and opportunities for industrial collaborations. Students have worked on a variety of research topics including mathematical modeling of weather phenomena, mathematical biology and financial mathematics. Our faculty and students have worked with companies such as Corning Inc., 3M, One Beacon and U.S. Bank. In addition to supporting research, the CAM provides opportunities to present research findings at various national professional meetings. For more information including current projects please visit stthomas.edu/cam.

The Math and Actuarial Science Club provides an opportunity for members to learn more about mathematics and its applications by sponsoring speakers and social events. Majors and other students interested in mathematics meet and interact with fellow classmates, professors and alumni, allowing them to expand their network and to learn more about areas of interest. Meeting topics have included knot theory, actuarial science exam preparation and the practical applications of probability and statistics.

The Mathematics Resource Center (MaRC) supports student learning in mathematics through free drop-in peer tutoring for any student taking MATH 100 through 200. The MaRC also provides math placement exam services. For more information please visit stthomas.edu/marc.

Study Abroad opportunities are available around the world for mathematics majors, allowing them to develop cultural experiences and communication skills that are valued in the workforce as well as at graduate and professional schools. Most recently our students studied actuarial science and finance in London and the mathematics and mechanics of Byzantine, Greek, Roman and Islamic architecture.