Kueffer, Fred

Adjunct Professor
OSS 228

Fall 2018 Courses

Fall 2018 Courses
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MATH 108 - 08 Calculus with Review I - T - R - - - 0800 - 0940 OSS 226

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- T - R - - -

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0800 - 0940


OSS 226

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41343 (View in ClassFinder)

Credit Hours:

4 Credit Hours


Fred C. Kueffer

The first course of a two-course sequence designed to integrate introductory calculus material with the algebraic and trigonometric topics necessary to support that study. Review topics include: number systems, basic algebra, functions, the Cartesian coordinate system and graphing. Calculus topics include limits, continuity, derivatives for algebraic functions, applications of derivatives and more graphing. This course is intended only for students planning to take MATH 109 and does not satisfy the mathematics requirement in the core curriculum. Offered Fall, Spring and Summer. Prerequisite: Placement at MATH 108 or above, or successful completion of MATH 006. NOTE: Students who receive credit for MATH 108 may not receive credit for MATH 105, 111, or 113.

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