Department Resources

Housed within the Department of Mathematics, the actuarial science program offers you access to the Mathematics Resource Center, which supports learning in mathematics through free drop-in peer tutoring. You also can tap the resources of the Center for Applied Mathematics, which supports faculty and student research on a variety of applied projects.

Credentials for Career

St. Thomas equips you with the skills to succeed in the job market and to become a credentialed actuary. To attain credentials, you must pass a series of challenging professional examinations and modules. Many employers require you to pass one exam for an internship and two exams for a full-time position. Passing these exams will signal to employers that you are not only capable, but also committed to the profession. To maximize career opportunities, our curriculum is designed to prepare you for up to five actuarial exams.

Admission Guideline

Due to the demanding nature of the Actuarial Science Program and the difficulty of the examinations required for professional designation, it is strongly suggested that prospective Actuarial Science majors have a minimum Math GPA of 3.0. Most students who have been successful in this program and the actuarial examinations have had GPA’s considerably higher than 3.0.