Logos could not reach classrooms, studies, and nightstands around the world without the work of its dedicated staff.


David P. Deavel

Associate Editors

John F. Boyle
David N. Foote

Managing Editor

Elizabeth M. Kelly


Editorial Board

Logos is grateful for the support provided by the distinguished members of our editorial board. 

Michael J. Naughton
University of St. Thomas

Gary A. Anderson
University of Notre Dame

Michael J. Buckley, SJ
Santa Clara University

Robert Coles
Harvard University

Brian Daley, SJ
University of Notre Dame

Anthony M. Esolen
Providence College

J. L. A. Garcia
Boston College

Mary Ann Glendon
The Law School
Harvard University

John Haldane
University of St. Andrews

James L. Heft, SM
Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies
University of Southern California

J. Bryan Hehir
John F. Kennedy School of Government
Harvard University

Ian Ker
Campion Hall

Janine Langan
St. Michael's College
University of Toronto

Anthony Low
New York University

Charles Morerod, OP
Bishop of Lausanne, Geneva, and Fribourg

John Polkinghorne
Queens College

Angelo Cardinal Scola
Archbishop of Milan

Linda Zagzebski
University of Oklahoma




"It is truly encouraging to engage the reflections on the interplay of Catholic thought and culture as presented in Logos. . . . This dicastery commends the assembly of such a fine editorial board to review the journal and the standard of excellence that governs the quality of research and publication."

— Archbishop Reverend Giuseppe Pittau, SJ, Congregation for Catholic Education, Rome, Italy