Last Name First Name Title Volume Pages
Alexander Michael Shakespeare's Catholicism? or "You would pluck out the heart of my mystery." 3:3 35-49
Allen Prudence Man-Woman Complementarity: The Catholic Inspiration 9:3 87-108
Anatolios Khaled Quest, Questions, and Christ in Augustine's Confessions 3:2 44-76
Anderson Gary What is Man that Thou Hast Mentioned Him? Psalm 8 and the Nature of the Human Person 3:1 80-92
Anscombe G.E.M. Practical Truth 2:3 68-76
Arinze Francis The Church and Interreligious Dialogue 4:1 156-177
Arndt David Liberal Education in Crisis 19:3 59-86
Atkinson Gary What Else Could I Do? The Self-Definition of Consequentialists 4:3 204-214
Aultman-Moore Lloyd W. J. Envy and Grace 11:1 163-172
Last Name First Name Title Volume Pages
Barad Judith Aquinas and the Role of Anger in Social Reform 3:1 124-144
Barnes Gordon Introduction to From a Logical Point of View 6:1 161-163
Barron Robert Augustine’s Questions: Why the Augustinian Theology of God Matters Today 10:4 35-54
Bauer Margaret Ishmael's Reading of The Great White Whale: A Prophesy of the Second Coming 1:4 145-177
Baxter Michael Following Jesus at the Job Fair 3:4 15-33
Beabout Gregory Socially Responsible Investing: An Application of Catholic Social Thought 6:1 63-99
Beaty Michael Protestant Free Church Christians and Gaudium et Spes 10:1 136-165
Beauregard David Virtue Ethics in Michelangelo’s The Last Judgment: Christ as Severity & Mary as Clemency 19:2 33-52
Beckwith Francis Faith, Reason, and the Christian Univeristy: What Pope John Paul II Can Teach Christian Academics 12:3 53-67
Beckwith Francis Philosophy, Grace,and Reconciliation: Reflections of a Catholic Revert 17:3 66-79
Beiting Christopher The Divine Irruption in Gene Wolf's The Book of the Long Sun 11:3 86-104
Beiting Christopher The Divine Interregnum in Gene Wolf's The Book of the Short Sun 19:4 62-85
Bellah Robert Professions Under Siege: Can Ethical Autonomy Survive 1:3 31-50
Bellis George The White Nun in Rattlebone 3:2 31-46
Bequette John Sulpicius Severus's Life of St. Martin: The Saint and His Biographer as Agents of Cultural Transformation 13:2 56-78
Berkman John The Consumption of Animals and the Catholic Tradition 7:1 174-190
Berry Bryan The Cost of John Dryden's Catholicism 12:2 144-177
Birzer Bradley J. The Christian Humanism of Russell Kirk 22:4 134-144
Block Ed Poet, Word, and World: Reality and Transcendence in the Work of Denise Levertov 4:3 159-184
Block Ed Drama and Religious Experience, or Why Theater Still Matters 8:1 65-89
Block Ed Hans Urs von Balthasar and Some Contemporary Catholic Writers 10:3 151-178
Blum Christopher O. Art and Politics in the Sainte-Chapelle of Paris 4:2 13-31
Blum Christopher O. Vezelay: The Mountain of the Lord 8:3 141-164
Blum Christopher O. The Historian and His Tools in the Workshop of Wisdom 13:4 15-34
Blum Christopher O. A New Heart: Jacques-Bénigne Bousset on Conversion 16:1 164-170
Blum Christopher O. The Promise of Newman's Collegiate Ideal 16:4 78-98
Boersma Gerald P. Death in Life at Christmas: T. S. Eliot’s “Journey of the Magi” 23:1 23-35
Booth Philip and Matiás Petersen Catholic Social Teaching and Hayek’s Critique of Social Justice 23:1 36-64
Borden Sarah Introduction to Edith Stein's "The Interiority of the Soul," from Finite and Eternal Being 8:2 178-182
Bosco Mark Seeing the Glory: Graham Greene's The Power and the Glory through the Lens of Hans von Balthasar's Theological Aesthetics 4:1 34-53
Bosco Mark Georges Bernanos and Francis Poulenc: Catholic Convergences in Dialogues of the Carmelites 12:2 17-40
Bossuet Jacques-Bénigne For the Profession of Madame de La Vallière 16:1 171-189
Bouchard Gary M. The Roman Steps to the Temple: An Examination of the Influence of Robert Southwell, SJ, upon George Herbert 10:3 131-150
Brennan Michael G. Graham Greene's Catholic Conversion: The Early Writings (1923-29) and The Man Within 9:3 134-157
Briel Don J. Wanted: A Ground for the Imagination 1:1 137-144
Briel Don J. A Conversation with Patrick Pye 8:2 89-106
Briel Don J. The University and the Church 18:4 15-31
Briel Don Looking Back at Newman 21.3 21-34
Brotherton Joshua R. Damnation and the Trinity in Ratzinger and Balthasar 18.3 123-150
Brower Jeffrey E. Understanding the Trinity 8:1 145-157
Brownson Orestes A. "Civil and Religious Freedom" from "Seeking the Truth" 20:4 124-162
Bruhn Siglund Traces of a Thomistic De musica in the Compositions of Olivier Messiaen 11:4 16-56
Burda Frantisek The Fundamental Starting Point of Transcultural Communication 19:1 148-166
Burns Timothy W. John Courtney Murray, Religious Liberty, and Modernity, Part I: Inalienable Natural Rights 17:2 13-38
Burns Timothy W. John Courtney Murray, Religious Liberty, and Modernity, Part II: Modern Constitutional Democracy 17:3 49-65
Bush William The Martyrdom of the Sixteen Carmelites of Compiegne: A Christian Crowning of the Philosophers' Century 2:1 200-221
Bush William Georges Bernanos's Monsieur Ouine: The "Great Novel" of the "Greatest Novelist of His Time" 4:1 76-97
Last Name First Name Title Volume Pages
Cahall Perry J. The Proper Order of Conjugal Love: The Relevance of St. Augustine's Insights 8:1 117-128
Calcagno Antonio Edith Stein: Is the State Responsible for the Immortal Soul of the Person? 5:1 62-75
Caldecott Stratford The Final Mystery 3:3 87-108
Calves Jean-Ives The Expression “Social Justice” Before and After Quadragesimo anno 22:2 116-150
Camarero Patricia The Experience of Beauty 14:2 149-162
Candler, Jr. Peter M. The Serpent of Heresy 13:2 177-198
Caranfa Angelo Simone Weil on Music: Listening with Tears of Prayerful Silence 18:2 150-174
Carnes Natalie Making, Breaking, Loving, and Hating Images: Prelude to a Theology of Iconoclasm 16:2 17-34
Carola, SJ Joseph A, The Academics, the Artist and the Architect: Retrieving the Tradition in Nineteenth-Century Catholicism 23:1 65-93
Carozza Paolo G. "They are our brothers, and Christ gave His life for them": The Catholic Tradition and the Idea of Human Rights in Latin America 6:4 81-103
Carozza Paolo G. The Universal Common Good and the Authority of International Law 9:1 28-55
Carozza Paolo G. The Catholic Church, Human Rights, and Democracy: Covergence and Conflict with the Modern State 15:3 15-43
Carroll William E. Cosmology and Creation: From Hawking to Aquinas in Memory of Józef Zycinski 15:1 134-149
Casanova Carlos A. The Influence of Christianity on the Spanish Conquest of America and the Organization of the Spanish-American Empire 15:4 125-144
Cavallin Clemens Deep Realism: A Discussion of Christian Literary Realism with an Analysis of Passages from Michael O’Brien’s Children of the Last Days Novel Series 18:2 104-120
Cavanaugh William T. Absolute Moral Norms and Human Suffering: An Apocalyptic Reading of Endo's Silence 2:3 96-116
Cervantes Fernando Progress and Tradition: Christopher Dawson and Contemporary Thought 2:2 84-108
Cessario Romanus On Bad Actions, Good Intentions, and Loving God: Three Much-Misunderstood Issues About the Happy Life That St. Thomas Clarifies for Us 1:2 100-124
Cessario Romanus Sex, Lies, and Freud 7:3 47-59
Cessario Romanus The Sacred, Religion, and Morality 9:4 16-32
Cessario Romanus Love, Friendship, and Beauty: On the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of a Magisterial Document about Religious life and the Apostolate 11:4 147-163
Cessario Romanus The Grace St. Dominic Brings to the World: A Fresh Look at Dominican Spirituality 15:2 84-100
Cessario Romanus Charity, Mortal Sin, and Parish Life 19:4 86-100
Cessario Romanus Creation as a Norm for Moral Action 21:2 109-122
Chamberlain Leo A Catholic Eton? Newman's Oratory School: Paul Shrimpton's Book and Catholic Education Then and Now 11:3 68-85
Charles J. Daryl Between Pacifism and Crusade: Justice and Neighbor Love in the Just-War Tradition 8:4 86-123
Charles J. Daryl Pacifists, Patriots, or Both?: Second Thoughts on Pre-Constantinian Early-Christian Attitudes Toward Soldiering and War 13:2 17-55
Chesterton G.K. The Great Dickens Characters 9:2 185-197
Ciliotta-Rubery Andrea An Opposing Worldview: Transient Morality in Shakespeare's Measure for Measure and Machiavelli's Mandragola 6:2 84-107
Clarke Kevin M. Moses’s Dark Cloud, Teresa’s Dark Night, and the Soul’s Entrance into the Divine Presence 22:1 131-146
Claudel Paul “The Way of the Cross,” trans. John Marson Dunaway 19:2 177-186
Cole Basil The Role of the Fine Arts in the Spiritual Life 9:3 1818-133
Coles Robert Flannery O'Connor's Pilgrimage 6:1 27-40
Collins Angus P. "Listening to the Silence": Sound and Religious Belief in Muriel Spark's A Far Cry from Kensington 4:3 143-158
Collins Peter M. Philosophy in Blessed John Paul II's Catholic University: An Antidote to Relativistic Secularism 16:3 114-125
Colosi Peter J. John Paul II and Max Scheler on the Meaning of Suffering 12:3 17-32
Colosi Peter Ratzinger, Habermas, and Pera on Public Reason and Religion 19:3 148-169
Colosi Peter Ratzinger, Habermas, and Pera on Public Reason and Religion 19:3 148-169
Colston Ken Macbeth and the Tragedy of Sin 13:4 60-95
Colston Ken King Lear and the Catholic Drama of Three Households and Four Loves 16:4 15-55
Colston Ken Sacramental Usury in The Merchant of Venice 19:1 98-129
Colton Randall G. Pursuing Wisdom: Thomistic Thoughts on Philosophy as a Way of Life 18:4 32-58
Conniff Brian Talking Ghosts, Living Traditions: Political Violence, Catholicism, and Seamus Heaney's "Station Island" 2:2 118-145
Constas Nicholas Icons and the Imagination 1:1 114-127
Cortright S.A. A Social Property Ethic for the Corporation in Light of Catholic Social Thought 2:4 138-154
Coulter Gregory From a Logical Point of View, Response to Mill 6:1 164-170
Croft-Fairchild Catherine Do We Remember? The Catholic Church and the Holocaust 9:2 68-106
Crosby John F. The Estrangement of Persons from Their Bodies 1:2 125-139
Crosby John F. Conscience and Superego: A Phenomenological Analysis of Their Difference and Relation 1:4 178-199
Crosby John Henry Introduction to Dietrich von Hildebrand's Mozart 7:2 165-188
Crowe Marian E. In the Bleak Midwinter: Advent in Alice Thomas Ellis's The Birds of the Air 8:2 107-129
Crowe Marian E. Catholicism and Metaphor: The Catholic Fiction of David Lodge 15:3 130-160
Cummings Andrew Don Quixote Meets Mr. Gradgrind: A Neglected Proof for Immortality 20.1 135-156
Cuneen Sally Big Enough for God: The Fiction of Sara Maitland 6:4 122-135
Cunningham Agnes St. Therese: The Mystic and the Renewal of the Christian Tradition 4:3 89-107
Cunningham Lawrence S. Francis of Assisi as a Catholic Saint 9:1 56-71
Curran Sweeney Kathleen Forgetting the Begetting: Why the Abortion Question is Fundamental 13:1 146-159
Curtright Travis Shakespearean Personalism 10:1 56-79
Curtright Travis Thomas More on Humor 17:1 13-35
Curtright Travis From Thomas More’s Workshop: De Tristitia Christi and the Catena Aurea 18:4 100-126
Last Name First Name Title Volume Pages
Daigle Jennifer Lynn The Mouth of a Labyrinth: Beauty's Invitation to a New Violence 16:4 164-178
Dailey Thomas F. Toward a Culture of Truth: Higher Education and the Thought of Pope John Paul II 3:2 145-164
Dailey Thomas F. Believing in Baseball: The Religious Power of Our National Pastime 6:2 63-83
Damian Christopher A Catholic Perspective on Homoerotic Desire 22:1 51-80
Danielson Patrick Education and the Human Soul 10:3 48-63
Dawson Christopher America and the Secularization of Modern Culture: The Smith History Lecture 1960 3:3 23-34
de Beer Vladimir Aspects of Patristic Cosmology 18.3 81-99
De Brasi Richard An Empirical Critique of Empiricism 16:4 124-163
DeCoste D. Marcel Contested Confessions: The Sins of the Press and Evelyn Waugh's False Penance in The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold 21:3 67-84
DeCoste D. Marcel Confessing Compassion: Waugh’s Penitential Performance in Sword of Honour 22:3 156-181
De Koninck Charles The Unity and Diversity of Natural Science 17:1 146-171
De Koninck Charles The Universe: Desire for Thought, Translated by J.M. Hubbard 17:1 172-184
De Koninck Thomas Metaphysics and Ultimate Questions 15:2 42-63
De Ville Adam J. Alasdair MacIntyre and Edith Stein: Apophatic Theologians? 11:2 77-90
De Young R. Konyndyk From a Logical Point of View, Response to Rachels 5:1 164-168
Deavel Catherine Jack From a Logical Point of View, Response to John Paul II 5:3 216-220
Deavel Catherine Jack Character, Choice, and Harry Potter 5:4 49-64
Deavel David Paul An Odd Couple? A First Glance at Chesterton and Newman 10:1 116-135
Deavel David Paul Iron Hardness, Surpassing Sweetnes: Newman as Preacher 14:4 169-179
Denny Christopher D. Greek Tragedies: From Myths to Sacraments? 9:3 45-71
Derske Wil Listening and Responding: Benedictine Spirituality in Non-Monastic Contexts 3:3 194-213
Desmond John F. Closing the Gap: Walker Percy and the Realism-Nomalism Debate 1:4 11-29
Desmond John F. Flannery O'Connor and the Symbol 5:2 143-156
Desmond John F. Flannery O'Connor and Simone Weil: A Question of Sympathy 8:1 102-116
Desmond John F. Flannery O'Connor, Simone Weil, Writing, and the Crucifixion 13:1 143-156
Desmond John F. The Confessions of Walker Percy 16:1 126-150
Díaz Bárbara Making Sense of History: Henri-Irénée Marrou’s Theological Scope 19:3 113-136
Di Pede Robert Luigi Giussani on the Notion of Christian Friendship 14:1 91-121
Dierickx Guido Religion in a Deliberative Society: What Really Happened to Us in the "Era of Secularization" 6:3 86-107
Dinan Andrew Manual Labor in the Life and Thought of St. Basil the Great 12:4 122-157
Ditty Jayna L. Keeping Faith: Evolution and Theology 13:2 132-153
Dolan John M. Judging Someone Better Off Dead 2:1 48-67
Dombrowski Daniel A. "All for the Greater Glory of God": Was St. Ignatius Irrational? 9:3 109-117
Donnelly Jerome Tolstoy’s The Death of Ivan Ilych: Satire, Religion, and the Criticism of Denial 16:2 73-98
Dool John Predestination, Freedom, and the Logic of Love 11:3 105-125
Dougherty Jude P. Maritain in Context: A Selection from Man and the State 11:2 158-162
Drefcinski Shane D. Is Hypocrisy Always a Vice? 6:1 151-160
Drefcinski Shane E. The Superficial Sophistication of Moral Relativism 11:3 156-173
Driscoll Jeremy "Inheritor": A Poem by Czeslaw Milosz 8:4 35-46
Driscoll Jeremy The Correspondence of Thomas Merton and Czeslaw Milosz: Monasticism and Society in Dialogue 11:3 17-48
Dulles Avery John Paul II as a Theologian of Culture 1:2 19-33
Duncan Roger Singing and Thinking: Gregorian Chant and Thomistic Philosophy 2:2 109-117
Duncan Roger The Little Flower and the New Evangelization 3:3 109-123
Duncan Roger Drinks and Dinner with Kierkegaard 12:2 125-143
Duncan Roger Catholic Substance in The Golden Bowl 16:3 56-86
Duncan Roger William and Henry James on the Immortality of the Soul 18:2 175-188
Dunne Tad College and the Christian Vision 4:4 122-132
Last Name First Name Title Volume Pages
Echeverria Eduardo J. Authenticity and Christian Personalism 2:4 97-117
Elshtain Jean Bethke Work and Its Meaning 5:4 15-24
Elshtain Jean Bethke Women and the Dilemma of Equality 6:4 35-50
Enright Nancy Dante and the Scandals of a Beloved Church 7:4 17-36
Enright Nancy Dante's Divine Comedy, Augustine's Confessions, and the Redemption of Beauty 10:1 32-55
Enright Nancy C. S. Lewis's Till We Have Faces and the Transformation of Love 14:4 92-115
Erb Heather M. The Varieties of Wisdom and the Consolation of Philosophy 15:3 161-189
Evangelist Caery Imaginative Inventions: A Purposive Account of Literature in Response to Nicholas Boyle 14:4 55-73
Last Name First Name Title Volume Pages
Fairchild Daniel R. Economic Efficiency, Growth, and the Catholic Vision of Economic Justice 6:1 100-119
Fedoryka Damian P. The Concept of "Gift" as Hermeneutical Key to the Dignity of the Human Person 11:1 49-69
Ferry Leonard D. G. Floors Without Foundations: Ignatieff and Rorty on Human Rights 10:1 80-105
Fey William Taking Seriously Our Bodily Being 4:4 133-151
Fiala Andrew Citizenship, Epistemology and the Just War Theory 7:2 100-117
Fields Stephen Catholicism and Academic Freedom: Authorities in Conflict? 4:4 91-111
Fitzgerald Sally Sources and Resources: The Catholic Imagination of Flannery O' Connor 1:1 78-95
Fleishaker David The Place of Modern Scientific Research in the University According to John Henry Newman 15:2 101-117
Floyd Shawn D. How to Cure Self-Deception: An Augustinian Remedy 7:3 60-86
Foley Michael P. Plato, Christianity, and the Cinematic Craft of Andrew Niccol 9:2 43-67
Foley Michael P. Does Nature Abhor a Vacuum?: Missing Fathers in the Films of Whit Stillman 20:3 18-42
Foote David History, Secularity, and the Problem of Catholic Seeing 16:2 35-62
Foote David Romano Guardini and the Problem of Vision 21:2 123-140
Fox-Genovese Elizabeth Catholic and Feminist: Can One Be Both? 2:4 11-26
Fox-Genovese Elizabeth Response to Corrine L. Patton 2:4 39-48
Frampton Daniel The Haunting of M. R. James: An “English Catholic Sensibility”? 23:1 111-131
Franchi Leonardo Catholic Education and Intercultural Dialogue: Continuing the Conversation 19:4 117-139
Frank William A. Western Irreligion and Resources for Culture in Catholic Religion 7:1 17-44
Freddoso Alfred J. From a Logical Point of View, Response to John Paul II 5:3 213-215
Last Name First Name Title Volume Pages
Gaffney James Just War: Catholicism's Contribution to International Law 14:3 44-68
Garbowski Christopher Community and Comedy in Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life 10:3 34-47
Garcia J. L. A. Are Some People Better Off Dead? A Reflection 2:1 68-81
Garcia J. L. A. Death and the (Hand)maiden: Contemporary Philosophy in Faith and Reason 2:3 11-19
Garcia J. L. A. A Note on Religious Assent and Dissent 4:2 160-177
Garcia J. L. A. Some Mortal Questions: On Justice Scalia and the Death Penalty 6:2 125-133
Garcia J. L. A. White Nights of the Soul: Christopher Nolan's Insomnia and the Renewal of Moral Reflection in Film 9:4 82-117
Gavin John Becoming an Exemplar for God: Three Early Interpretations of Forgiveness in the Lord's Prayer 16:3 126-146
Gawronski Raymond T. The Beauty of the Cross: The Theological Aesthetics of Hans Urs von Balthasar 5:3 185-206
Gawronski Raymond T. Desert in the Wasteland: Seeking God at the Edges of North America 6:3 144-170
Gawronski Raymond T. California Coming Home 15:3 44-59
George Francis Catholic Faith and the Secular Academy 4:4 73-90
George Marie I. ET Meets Jesus Christ: A Hostile Encounter between Science and Religion? 10:2 69-94
Giambrone Anthony “You Spoke in a Vision” (Ps 89:19): Iconoclasm, the Incarnation, the Aspiration of Christian Art 20:2 16-35
Giemza Bryan A. Joel Chandler Harris, Catholic 14:3 86-103
Gill Richard Oikos and Logos: Chesterton’s Vision of Distributism 10:3 64-90
Gilson Etienne The Terrors of the Year Two Thousand 3:1 20-36
Gitomer David L. Dialogues of the Carmelites as Witness: Patterns of Christian Martyrdom in Scripture, History, and the Arts 12:2 40-61
Giussani Luigi Open Christianity 10:4 151-166
Gleason Philip The Catholic Church in American Public Life in the Twentieth Century 3:4 85-99
Glendon Mary Ann The Spiritual Journey of Wallace Stevens: How an Atheist Professor Nudged a Post-Christian Poet toward Catholicism 22:2 19-38
Glover Adam Eros, Eucharist, and the Poetics of Desire 20.1 17-44
Glover Adam Latens Deitas: Eros, Divine Hiddenness, and the Language of Poetry 21:2 19-54
Glover Adam Corpus Mysticum: Transubstantiation and the Poetics of Ecstasy 21:4 98-125
Gordley James Law...and the Imagination? 1:1 128-136
Gorman Michael From a Logical Point of View, Response to Rachels 5:1 173-178
Gotia Andrei God's Image: The Betrayer and the Betrayed in Graham Greene's The Power and the Glory 10:1 106-115
Gotia Andrei Blessed Vladimir Ghika: Prince, Priest, and Martyr 19:1 79-97
Grabowski John S. Called to Holiness: Spirituality for Families in Light of Ecclesia in America 5:4 75-95
Graney Christopher M. A True Demonstration: Bellarmine and the Stars as Evidence Against Earth's Motion in the Early Seventeenth Century 14:3 69-85
Graney Christopher M. The Work of the Best and Greatest Artist: A Forgotten Story of Religion, Science, and Stars in the Copernican Revolution 15:4 97-124
Graney Christopher Omission and Invention: The Problematic Nature of Galileo’s Proposed Proofs for Earth’s Motion 22:4 78-100
Greene Dana Denise Levertov: Poet and Pilgrim 13:2 94-108
Gregory Brad S. "A Harvest of Holiness": The Theology of Danielle Rose's Mysteries 8:4 15-34
Gregory Brad S. Science Versus Religion? The Insights and Oversights of the “New Atheists” 12:4 17-55
Griffin Emilie God of My Daily Routine: Toward a Spirituality of the World 5:2 40-58
Griffiths Paul J. On Garry Wills' Papal Sin 4:3 13-35
Guardini Romano Thoughts on the Problem of the Film 21:2 141-157
Guarino Thomas G. The God of Philosophy and of the Bible: Theological Reflections on Regensburg 10:4 120-130
Guarino Thomas G. The Return of Religion in Europe?: The Postmodern Christianity of Gianni Vattimo 14:2 15-36
Guarino Thomas G. St. Vincent of Lérins and the Development of Christian Doctrine 17:3 103-117
Gueguen, Jr. John A. Stanley Parry: Teacher and Prophet 10:2 95-112
Guerra Marc D. Christianity and Contemporary Political Life 11:4 74-93
Last Name First Name Title Volume Pages
Haile Beth K. Virtuous Meat Consumption: A Virtue Ethics Defense of an Omnivorous Way of Life 16:1 83-100
Haldane John Thomistic Ethics in America 3:4 150-168
Haldane John From a Logical Point of View, Response to Nagel 5:2 176-183
Haldane John From a Logical Point of View, Response to John Paul II 5:3 224-228
Haldane John Sentiments of Reason and Aspirations of the Soul 7:3 31-46
Hallman Joseph M. Can God Suffer? 2:1 153-175
Hammond David M. Death, Medicine, and Religious Solidarity in Martin Scorsese's Bringing Out the Dead 7:3 109-123
Hanchin Timothy "From below upwards": Worship and Wonder in Catholic Higher Education 20:3 75-94
Hansen Ron Art and Religion: Hopkins and Bridges 7:1 78-96
Harmon A. G. "Lawful Deeds": The Entitlements of Marriage in Shakespeare's All's Well That Ends Well 4:3 115-142
Harmon Thomas P. Historicism Versus History and Spirit: Henri de Lubac on What We Can Learn from Studying Origen 19:3 29-58
Harold James A. The Importance of Unity and Intelligibility: Reconciling Philosophy, the Sciences, and our Lived Experience 10:2 38-56
Hayden Lemmons R. Mary Equality, Gender, and John Paul II 5:3 111-130
Healy Nicholas J. On Hope, Heaven, and Hell 1:3 80-91
Hebert L. Joseph Be Still and See: Leisure, Labor, and Human Dignity in Josef Pieper and Blessed John Paul II 16:2 144-159
Hefelfinger Scott G. Science, Intelligibility, Creation: How the Doctrine of Creation Unites, Delinieates, and Ennobles Modern Science 14:2 131-148
Heffernan Schindler Jeanne Democracy and Tradition: A Catholic Alternative to American Pragmatism 11:2 17-49
Heft James L. Catholic Multiculturalism: An Oxymoron? 1:3 12-30
Heft, SM James L. The Vocation of the Theologian 22:4 127-133
Heller Michael The Philosophical Vision of Józef Zycinski 15:1 115-133
Henderson Kathleen Burk Hera Consciousness: Narrating Strategies in Caroline Gordon's Later Fiction 1:4 104-144
Henderson Kathleen Burk Pity, Fear, and Catharsis: Purging Millennial Fever 2:3 136-166
Henry Douglas V. Hope's Promise for Christians in the Not Yet and In Between 14:3 104-132
Henry Patrick Madeleine Dreyfus, Jewish Activity, Righteous Jews 7:1 134-146
Hermida J. Ranilo B. Simone Weil: A Sense of God 9:1 127-144
Hermida J. Ranilo B. The Resurgence of Religion in the Advent of Postmodernity 11:4 94-110
Hidalgo Vilma Is the U.S. Economic Embargo on Cuba Morally Defensible? 3:4 100-20
Hill Darci "Rhym[ing] thee to good": Didacticism and Delight in Herbert's "The Church Porch" 15:4 179-209
Hip-Flores Christina Consecrated Widows: Altars of God, A Restored Ancient Vocation in the Catholic Church 22:1 108-130
Hodgson Peter E. The Christian Origin of Science 4:2 138-159
Hodgson Peter E. Galileo the Scientist 6:3 13-40
Hodgson Peter E. Galileo the Theologian 8:1 28-51
Hodgson Peter E. Quantum Mechanics and its Interpretations 12:1 62-78
Hofer Andrew Balthasar's Eschatology on the Intermediate State: The Question of Knowability 12:3 148-172
Hollenbach David Catholics as Citizens: Pastoral Challenges and Opportunities 3:4 57-69
Hollerich Michael "Existence in Christ": Erik Peterson and the Postar Crisis of Humanism 16:3 147-163
Howard H. Wendell Suor Angelica: Puccini's Catholic Opera 1:4 94-103
Howard H. Wendell Chippewa and Catholic Beliefs in the Work of Louise Erdrich 3:1 110-123
Howard H. Wendell The Consolation of Beethoven's Missa Solemnis 5:2 137-142
Howard H. Wendell Roman Catholicism in the Oscar Wilde-R-Ness 9:2 107-128
Howard H. Wendell Franz Liszt, Abbe 9:4 118-131
Howard H. Wendell Handel's Messiah in Dublin 10:2 57-68
Howard H. Wendell The World of Brother Cadfael 11:1 149-162
Howard H. Wendell Gounod's Faust: Opera of Redemption 12:1 79-92
Howard H. Wendell Browning, Blougram, and Belief 13:2 79-93
Howard H. Wendell Saint Fabiola in Fiction, in History, in Portraiture 14:2 82-117
Howard H. Wendell Profane and Sacred 16:1 14-30
Howard H. Wendell Who’s Cecilia? What is She? 18.3 15-32
Howard H. Wendell J. F. Powers’s Morte D’Urban 19:2 81-99
Howard H. Wendell Silence, Solitariness, and Gregorian Chant 19:4 47-61
Howell Kenneth J. Did the Bulldog Bite the Bishop? An Anglican Bishop, an Agnostic Scientist, and a Roman Pontiff 6:3 41-67
Hoyt-O'Connor Paul The Human Good and Lonergan's Macroeconomic Dynamics 12:2 94-124
Hren Joshua Truth and Lies in a Chestertonian Sense: Father Brown and the Fault of the Depraved Saint 16:1 151-163
Hren Joshua Joshua Hren, The Genealogy of Ressentiment and the Achilles’ Heel of Humanitariansim: Thinking with Dostoevsky, Scheler, and Manent on “Love of Mankind” 17:4 17-43
Hubbard J. Macoubrey On Liberal Education 4:2 178-200
Hubbard J. Macoubrey De Koninck on the Philosophy of Nature 17:1 140-145
Hundersmarck Lawrence F. The Use of Imagination, Emotion, and the Will in a Medieval Classic: The Meditaciones Vite Christi 6:2 46-62
Hütter Reinhard The University's Cutting Edge--Source of Its Flatness, Or: Reclaiming the University's Third Dimension 15:4 36-56
Last Name First Name Title Volume Pages
Iglesias Teresa Bedrock Truths and the Dignity of the Individual 4:1 114-134
Last Name First Name Title Volume Pages
Jackson Robert Region, Idolatry, and Catholic Irony: Flannery O'Connor's Modest Literary Vision 5:1 13-40
Jackson Timothy F. The Role of the Holy Spirit in Gerard Manley Hopkins's Poetry 9:1 109-126
Jacobs James M. The Inherent Limitations on Human Freedom 13:1 107-131
Jacobs James M. Beauty as an Excess of Intelligibility 19:2 18-32
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Janczuk Weronica The Place of the Heart in Integral Human Formation 21:1 118-147
Janssen Jacques Modulating the Silence: The Magic of Gregorian Chant 4:4 55-72
Jeffreys Derek S. Eliminating All Empathy: Personalism and the "War on Terror" 9:3 16-44
Jodziewicz Thomas W. Peter Maurin and Dorothy Day: Friends 13:3 164-177
Johnson Maria Poggi New Foes and Old Faces: Fiction, Interpretation, and Integrity in Newman and Kingsley 2:3 136-166
Johnston Eric The Apostle, the Philosopher, and Friar Thomas: The Place of Aristotle in Thomas Aquinas's Dominican Vocation 19:4 15-46
Johnston Susan Harry Potter, Eucatastrophe, and Christian Hope 14:1 66-90
Joncas Jan Michael Ex Oriente Vox: Spirituality and Culture in the Music of Arvo Part 1:4 66-93
Joncas Jan Michael Image of the Invisible God: Visual Artworks as Theological Texts 7:2 30-53
Jones Andrew The Preacher of the Fourth Lateran Council 18:2 121-149
Jones Frank L. "The High Priest of Deterrence": Sir Michael Quinlan, Nuclear Weapons, and the Just War Tradition 16:3 14-42
Jordan Michael C. Imagination and Transfiguration 1:1 145-153
Jordan Michael C. The Theological Axiology of Dietrich von Hildebrand 4:2 66-77
Last Name First Name Title Volume Pages
Kaethler Andrew T. J. Mary, Unity, and the Pathos for Equality: Alexander Schmemann’s “Scandalous” Embrace of Difference 22:2 64-82
Kaethler Andrew T.J. “I Become a Thousand Men and yet Remain Myself”: Self Love in Joseph Ratzinger and Georges Bernanos 19:2 150-167
Kang Soo Yun A Spiritual Interpretation of the Vernacular: The Literary Sources of Georges Rouault 6:2 108-124
Kass Thomas Morbid Melancholy, the Imagination, and Samuel Johnson's Sermons 8:4 47-63
Katongole Emmanuel Prospects of Ecclesia in Africa in the Twenty-First Century 4:1 178-195
Katongole Emmanuel M. Kannungu and the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God in Uganda: A Challenge for Christian Social Imagination 6:3 108-143
Katongole Emmanuel M. Christianity, Tribalism, and the Rwandan Genocide 8:3 67-93
Keating James Religious Piety and Public Catholicism 5:2 96-115
Keating James A Share in God's Life: Mystical/Liturgical Foundations for a Catholic Morality 8:2 65-88
Keating Michael The Strange Case of the Self-Dwarfing Man: Modernity, Magnanimity, and Thomas Aquinas 10:4 55-76
Kedjierski Walter F. Evangelizing Buddhists through the Cross 8:2 165-177
Kedjierski Rev. Walter F. Papal Contributions to the Development of the Church’s Missionary Spirit: From Ad Gentes to Evangelii Gaudium, Part I 22:4 101-126
Kedjierski Rev. Walter F. Papal Contributions to the Development of the Church’s Missionary Spirit: From Ad Gentes to Evangelii Gaudium, Part II 23:1 94-110
Kelly Thomas M. An Integrated Theology of Married Love 5:1 76-102
Kemp Kenneth W. Scientific Method and Appeal to Supernatural Agency: A Christian Case for Modest Methodological Naturalism 3:2 165-205
Kemp Kenneth W. A Biographical Sketch 15:1 138-164
Kennedy Arthur L. Homily Preached at the Mass of Christian Burial for Sally Fitzgerald 4:1 196-201
Kennedy Arthur L. Christopher Dawson's Influence on Bernard Lonergan's Project of "Introducing History into Theology" 15:2 138-164
Kennedy Robert G. Introduction to Pope Pius XII's Radio Message: The Anniversary of Rerum Novarum 5:4 152-155
Kennedy Robert Social Justice and Competing Visions of the Common Good 22:2 106-115
Kennedy Thomas D. Curiosity and the Integrated Self: A Postmodern Vice 4:4 33-54
Kenney Theresa M. “God did play the child”; Robert Southwell’s “Christes childhood” 17:3 174-184
Ker Ian Newman on Imagination and Religious Belief 1:1 96-110
Ker Ian Introduction to John Henry Cardinal Newman's Biglietto Speech 6:4 164-169
Ker Ian The Dickensian Catholicism of G. K. Chesterton 9:2 171-184
Ker Ian Is Dignitatis Humanae a Case of Authentic Doctrinal Development? 11:2 149-157
Kerr Aaron K. Borgmann on Merton: Exploring the Possibility of Contemplation in a Technological Age 19:2 57-78
Kilpatrick Nathan “Light Even More than Love”: The Irony of the Cross in J. F. Powers’s Wheat That Springeth Green 18.3 57-80
Kirk Russell “The Dissolution of Liberalism,” “The Inhumane Businessman,” “The Sp’iled Praist and the Stickit Minister” 22:4 145-173
Klumpenhouwer Samuel The Deaconess: New Sources in Medieval Pastoralia 21:1 19-39
Knasas John F. X. Whither the Neo-Thomist Revival? 3:4 121-149
Knight Christopher J. "Between the Hither and the Farther Shore": Penelope Fitzgerald's Offshore 17:1 90-114
Kolnai Aurel The Humanitarian versus the Religious Attitude 19:4 150-177
Komonchak Joseph Preparing for the New Millennium 1:2 34-55
Krasevac Edward Between the Scylla and Charybdis of Fact and Faith: A Theological Relfection on the Relation of Christian Faith to Gospel History 5:4 109-123
Kriegel Jill A Case Against Natural Magic: Shakespeare's Friar Laurence as Romeo and Juliet's Near-Tragic Hero 13:1 132-145
Krolikowski Januz "My Homeland and My Nation": The Theology of the Nation in the Teaching of John Paul II During His First Visit to Poland (June 2-10, 1979) 1:2 56-75
Kucharski Paul Thomas Aquinas, Josef Seifert, and the Metaphysics of Respecting Persons 17:2 100-117
Kwasniewski Peter A. Anton Bruckner, Sacred Tonality, and Parsifal's Redemption: Spiritual Enfleshment and the Musical Via Poisitiva 8:1 17-55
Last Name First Name Title Volume Pages
Labrie Ross Asceticism in the Writings of Thomas Merton 13:1 160-181
Lang Uwe Michael What Makes Architecture “Sacred”? 17:4 44-64
Langan Janine Truth, Justice, and the Modern Imagination: A Reflection Launched by Elizabeth Sewell's "Death of the Imagination" 1:1 193-209
Langan Janine Why Read Dostoevsky? 3:1 93-109
Laniulli Nino Two Cheers for Existentialism 7:4 92-108
Latkovic Mark S. Capital Punishment, Church Teaching, and Morality: What is Pope John Paul II Saying to Catholics in Evangelium Vitae 5:2 76-95
Laun Andreas Dietrich von Hildebrand's Struggle Against German National Socialism 9:4 132-144
Lawson Stephen D. Only Through Time Time is Conquered: A Theological Reflection 22:3 18-41
Lee Tahirih V. Addiction, Suffering, and Healing: A Christian Perspective on the Self-Help Movement 2:1 105-126
Lefler Nathan Cruciform Beauty: Revising the Form in Balthasar's Christological Aesthetic 9:4 33-55
Lefler Nathan A Threefold Preparation for Death: Approaching the Heart of Flannery O’Connor’s Anagogical Vision 20.1 76-99
Lehman Jeffrey “As I read, I was set on fire”: On the Psalms in Augustine’s Confessions 16:2 160-184
Lemna Keith Human Ecology, Environmental Ecology, and a Ressourcement Theology: Caritas in Veritate in the Light of Philip Sherrard's Theandric Anthropology 14:3 133-154
Leo XIII Aeterni patris: On the Restoration of Christian Philosophy 12:1 169-192
Levering Matthew Knowing What is "Natural": Thomas Aquinas and Luke Timothy Johnson on Romans 1-2 12:1 117-142
Levy Antoine Great Misinterpretations: Umberto Eco on Joyce and Aquinas 13.3 124-163
Lewis Stephen E. A Fitting Receptacle: Paul Claudel on Poetry and Sensations of God 17:4 65-86
Lewis Stephen E. Claudel’s Way to the Inexhaustible 19:2 168-176
Lewis Stephen Thinking in Franciscan: Part I 21.4 31-59
Lewis Stephen Thinking in Franciscan: Part II 22:1 147-157
Lindblom John A. John C.H. Wu and the Evangelization of China 8:2 130-164
Link Christopher A. Bad Priests and the Valor of Pity: Shusaku Endo and Graham Greene on the Paradoxes of Christian Virtue 15:4 75-96
Little Brent Hatred between Belief and Faith: Conversion in The End of the Affair and Till We Have Faces 22:2 39-63
Lombardo Nicholas Boredom and Modern Culture 20:2 36-59
Long R. James Aquinas and Franciscan Nature Mysticism 8:2 56-64
Lopez Cecilia Michel Art and Allegory: A Method to Read The Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe 18:4 127-154
Lovett Sean Patrick An Interview with Artist Breda Catherine Ennis 12:4 97-114
Lu M. T. Modern Thought and the Sapiential Dimension of Philosophy 21:4 80-97
Lusvardi Anthony The Law of Conscience: Catholic Teaching on Conscience from Leo XIII to John Paul II 15:2 13-41
Last Name First Name Title Volume Pages
MacKenzie Raymond N. Selling Dreams: Catholicism and the Business Communicator 2:4 118-137
Maguire Roberta "Proofs of God's Existence": Walker Percy, Jacques Maritain, and the Problem of Symbol in The Moviegoer 1:3 69-79
Maher Daniel Human Action in Philosophy and Poetry 20:2 84-104
Mahoney Daniel The Humanitarian Subversion of Christianity 19:4 140-149
Mahoney Timothy A. Understanding the Christian Apophaticism of St. John of the Cross 7:4 80-91
Majeres Kevin Terruwe and Baars's "Mortification Therapy": A Thomistic Approach 14:2 37-58
Malsbary Gerald Pietas and the Origins of Western Culture 4:2 93-116
Manganiello Dominic The Beauty that Saves: Brideshead Revisited as a Counter-Portrait of the Artist 9:2 154-170
Manning H. E. Christ Preached in Any Way a Cause of Joy 6:2 151-166
Mansini Guy Apologetics, Evil, and the New Testament 4:4 152-168
Mansini Guy Error, Guilt, and the Knowledge of God: Questions About Robert Sokolowski's "Christian Distinction" 5:2 116-136
Mansini Guy Doing and Speaking, Created and Uncreated 10:3 105-130
Marchese Ronald T. Sacred Textiles: The Hidden Wonders of the Armenian Orthodox Church Collections of Istanbul 7:2 86-99
Marcin Raymond B. The City of Babel: Yesterday and Today 6:1 120-130
Marcin Raymond B. Gandhi and Justice 7:3 17-30
Mardones Rodrigo Tracing Fraternity in the Social Sciences and Catholic Social Teaching 19:2 53-80
Maritain Jacques The People and the State 11:2 163-187
Marr Ryan Dinah Morris as Second Eve:The Fall and Redemption in Adam Bede 17:3 80-120
Martens John W. Introduction to Ben F. Meyer's "Election-Historical Thinking in Romans 9-11, and Ourselves" 7:4 150-170
Martin Dennis D. Give and Take in Grail-Quest, Gawain, and Roman Missal: Why Perceval Just Doesn't Get It 4:4 169-203
Martinez Ronald L. Dante between Hope and Despair: The Tradition of Lamentations in the Divine Comedy 5:3 45-76
Martin Michael Criticism and Contemplation: Steps toward an Agapeic Criticism 19:1 41-56
Martin Ralph A New Pentacost? Catholic Theology and "Baptism in the Spirit" 14:3 17-43
Marzec Marcia Smith Mr. Head's Journey to the Cross: Character, Structure, and Meaning in O'Connor's "The Artificial Nigger" 1:3 51-68
Maskulak Marian Edith Stein: A Proponent of Human Community and a Voice for Social Change 15:2 64-83
Mauer Armand A. Introduction to Etienne Gilson 3:1 12-19
May William F. The Religious Underpinnings of the Marketplace 3:1 37-58
McCormack Elissa Inclusivism in the Fiction of C. S. Lewis: The Case of Emeth 11:4 57-73
McDermid Douglas Anselm on Immortality and Love: Reading Monologion 68–70 17:2 136-156
McDonagh Philip The Unity of Love: Reflections on the First Encyclical of Pope Benedict XVI 10:1 16-31
McDonagh Philip Uncovering the Sources of Creation: Pope Benedict XVI on Hope 13:4 96-120
McInerney Stephen David Jones's Blessed Rage for Order: The "Will Toward Shape" 14:2 59-81
McInerny Daniel Sloth: The Besetting Sin of the Age? 12:1 38-61
McInerny Daniel Poetic Knowledge and Cultural Renewal 15:4 17-35
McKenna Andrew J. Bernanos: Polemicist and Prophet of Our World 12:2 62-79
McKenna Mary Frances The Promise of Englightenment and the Incalculability of Freedom: A Consideration of Horkheimer and Adorno's Critique of Enlightenment in Relation to Ratzinger's Notion of Freedom 21:3 114-139
Meconi David Vincent Silence Proceeding 5:2 59-75
Meconi David Vincent The Christian Cento and the Evangelization of Christian Culture 7:4 109-132
Meconi David Vincent Two Apostles of Loneliness: Caryll Houselander and Catherine Doherty on the Mystical Body of Christ 17:2 58-76
Meeking Basil Proclaim the Truth through Love: A Comment on Deus Caritas Est 10:3 91-104
Meeking Basil Celebrating the Liturgy with Pope Benedict XVI 11:1 127-148
Melfi Mary Ann The Awful Grace of God: Patterns of Liminality in Greene’s The Heart of the Matter 22:2 83-105
Melina Livio The Fullness of Christian Action: Beyond Moralism and Antimoralism 8:3 123-140
Menssen Sandra Lee Evil, God, and the Agnostic Inquirer 2:1 127-152
Menssen Sandra Lee Introduction to "From a Logical Point of View" 5:1 156-159
Menssen Sandra Lee Introduction to "Excerpt from Thomas Nagel's The Last Word" 5:2 157-159
Menssen Sandra Lee From a Logical Point of View, Response to Nagel 5:2 163-167
Menssen Sandra Lee Introduction to From a Logical Point of View: John Paul II, Excerpt from Letter to Artists 5:3 207-209
Mentxakatorre Odriozola Jon J. R. R. Tolkien: The Philosophical Basis of Sub-Creative Words 22:3 105-129
Meyer Ben F. Election-Historical Thinking in Romans 9-11, and Ourselves 7:4 171-181
Mikolajczak Michael Allen "Something Understood": A Familiar Essay on Poetry, Prayer, and Helen C. White 2:3 167-177
Millare Roland The Sacred Is Still Beautiful: The Liturgical and Theological Aesthetics of Pope Benedict XVI 16:1 101-125
Millare Roland The Spirit of the Liturgical Movement: A Benedictine Renewal of Culture 17:4 130-154
Miller Paula Jean The Body: Science, Theology, and Humanae Vitae 3:3 154-165
Mill John Stuart Excerpt from On Liberty (1869), Ch. V: Applications 6:1 164-165
Milward Peter Shakespeare's Secular Bible: A Modern Commentary 4:3 108-114
Miner Robert Pascal on the Uses of Scepticism 11:4 111-122
Minnerath Roland Pacem in Terris, Fifty Years Later 18:1 33-45
Mitchell Philip Irving "Recession and Thickness Through": The Debate over Nature and Grace in David Jones's Roman Poetry and Painting 15:3 60-89
Mitchell Philip Irving Civilization Sickness and the Suspended Middle: R. G. Collingwood, Christopher Dawson, and Historical Judgment 21:3 85-113
Mizingou Jeannine Robert Lax: Poet, Pilgrim, Prophet 4:1 98-113
Monson Paul G. "Sub signis visibilibus": Visual Tehology in Trent's Decress on the Eucharist 15:4 145-158
Monson Paul G. Sacred Seeds: The French Jesuit Martyrs in American Catholic Historiography 17:4 87-107
Moody Peter Word and Tao: Thoughts on an Attempt at Conceptual Translation 19:2 100-126
Moran Daniel The Man Who Was Thursday: Chesterton's Duel with Fin de Siècle 14:4 116-144
Moreland Anna Bonta and Grant Kaplan A Tribute to Michael Buckley, SJ 23:1 19-22
Morgan Brandon Lee The Efficacy of Salvation in the Allegorical Reading of Scripture: Learning from Origen 18.3 151-171
Morgan Jason Catholic Critiques of Statism in Interwar Japan: Minoda Muneki, Suehiro Izutaro, and Tanaka Kotaro 21:3 35-66
Morrisey Paul Faith in Faith: Reason, Faith, and Prayer in the Theology of Servais Pinckaers, OP 18:2 88-103
Morrison Molly St. Catherine of Siena and the Spectacle of Public Execution 16:3 43-55
Morrow Jeffrey L. Work as Worship in the Garden and the Workshop: Genesis 1-3, the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker, and Liturgical Hermeneutics 15:4 159-178
Morrow Jeffrey L. Secularization, Objectivity, and Enlightenment Scholarship: The Theological and Political Origins of Modern Biblical Studies 18:1 14-32
Muller Matthew The False Idol of Beauty: Bl. John Henry Newman's Critiques of Aesthetics and the Challenge of Evangelization 20:4 54-65
Murray Paul The Task of Happiness: A Reflection on Human Suffering and Christian Joy 4:4 11-32
Murray Paul Aquinas at Prayer: The Interior Life of a 'Mystic on Campus' 14:1 38-65
Last Name First Name Title Volume Pages
Nagel Thomas An Excerpt from The Last Word 5:2 160-163
Napier Stephen St. Ambrose, Euthanasia,and Antisenescence Arguments: Death as a Good? 17:2 39-57
Nash-Marshall Siobhan On the Fate of Nations 4:2 32-65
Naughton Michael A Tale of Two Adams: Insights for the Integrity of a Catholic University 23:1 132-147
Nemoianu Virgil The Church and the Secular Establishment: A Philosophical Dialog between Joseph Ratzinger and Jurgen Habermas 9:2 16-42
Newman Marsha Christian Cosmology in Hildegard of Bingen's Illuminations 5:1 41-61
Newman John Henry Biglietto Speech 6:4 170-174
Newman John Henry Sermon 23. Love, the One Thing Needful 14:4 180-190
Nicgorski Walter An Introduction to Yves R. Simon's "The Doctrinal Issue Between the Church and Democracy" 14:1 122-132
Nichols Aidan Sketch for Christological Aesthetics 1:1 40-59
Nichols Terence Understanding the Creator from the Things That Are Made 13:4 156-175
Nielsen Melinda The Christian Socrates:Autobiography and Conversion in the Consolation of Philosophy 17:3 143-157
Nielsen Melinda "Nothing almost sees miracles / But misery": Lucretian Philosophy and Ascetic Experience in King Lear 19:4 101-116
Nisley L. Lamar A Sacramental Science Project in Tim Gatreaux's "Resistance" 5:4 135-151
Niemeyer Gerhart What Price "Natural Law"? 10:2 126-142
Niemeyer Gerhart The New Need for the Catholic University 10:2 143-156
Novak Michael A Letter to Roberto 3:4 70-84
Novak Patrick F. Thomas Merton's Vision of the Kingdom 3:4 195-216
Last Name First Name Title Volume Pages
Oakes Edward T. Hamlet and the Reformation: The Prince of Denmark as "Young Man Luther" 13:1 53-78
Oakes Edward T. Christology and Time: Prolegomena to Any Future Apocalytpic 15:1 82-112
Oakes Edward T. Lab Life: Vitalism, Promethean Science, and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein 16:4 56-77
Oben Freda Mary Good and Evil in the Life and Work of Edith Stein 3:1 177-196
O'Boyle Edward J. Getting the Hard-Core Concepts of Economics Right 7:1 147-173
O'Boyle Edward J. Social Justice: Addressing the Ambiguity 14:2 96-117
O’Boyle Edward J. Blessed John Paul II on Social Mortgage: Origins, Questions, and Norms 17:2 118-135
O'Connell Patrick F. "Leisure to Make Rhymes": St. Thomas More as English Poet, Part One 14:3 155-176
O'Connell Patrick F. "Leisure to Make Rhymes": St. Thomas More as English Poet, Part Two 14:4 145-168
Ohan Christopher A Christian Remedy in a Climate of Fear: Francesco Bernadone, the War with Perugia, and Conversion 13:1 16-34
O'Leary Peter Reversion and the Turning Thither: Writing Religious Poerty and the Case of Frank Samperi 7:2 54-85
Oleson Christopher Rortian Irony and the Humility of Right Reason 15:1 13-49
Olsen Glenn W. Why and How to Study the "Middle Ages" 3:3 50-75
Olsen Glenn W. Humansim: The Struggle to Possess a Word 7:1 97-116
Olsen Glenn W. Christopher Dawson and the Renewal of Catholic Education: the Proposal that Catholic Culture and History, not Philosophy, Should Order the Catholic Curriculum 13:3 14-35
Olsen Glenn W. Toward a Postmodern Christian Historical Hermeneutic 17:2 77-99
Olsen III Cyrus P. Remaining in Christ: A Paradox at the Heart of Hans Urs von Balthasar's Theology 13:3 52-76
Ossewaarde Marinus Tocqueville's Christian Citizen 8:3 40-66
Owens John F. Dissenting from Reality: The Denials of Evil 7:4 133-149
Owens John F. Creation, "Paradise Lost," and Modernity 20:4 39-53
Last Name First Name Title Volume Pages
Pak Pyong-Gwan The Relevance of Mystical Spirituality in the Context of Today's "Spirituality Phenomenon" 15:3 109-129
Pak SJ Pyong-Gwan St. Bernard of Clairvaux on the Riddle of Human Desire: The Necissity of a Reversal of Priorities in the Human Life of Desire 21:4 126-150
Pannier Russell Decision Theory and Life Choices 2:4 155-181
Pannier Russell Aquinas on the Ultimate End of Human Existence 3:4 169-194
Pannier Russell From a Logical Point of View, Response to Rachels 5:1 179-84
Pannier Russell From a Logical Point of View, Response to Nagel 5:2 171-175
Pasnau Robert Plotting Augustine's Confessions 3:2 77-106
Patey Douglas Lane Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited 3:2 9-30
Patten Catherine What is the Role of Catholics in the Public Arena?: An Introduction 3:4 9-14
Patton Corrine Catholic and Feminist: We Are Called to Be Both--A Response to Elizabeth Fox Genovese 2:4 27-38
Pereira Jose Thomism and the Magisterium: From Aeterni Patris to Veritatis Splendor 5:3 147-184
Pereiro James Introduction to Cardinal H.E. Manning's "Christ Preached in Any Way a Cause of Joy" 6:2 146-150
Peterson Erik What Is Man? 16:3 164-173
Pfau Thomas “Seeing and Being Seen Coincide”: Freedom as Contemplation in Nicholas of Cusa and G. M. Hopkins 22:4 20-41
Pierson Marisa Apocalyptic Conversion in a Sacramental World: The Meeting of Heaven and Earth in Chesterton's "The Ball and the Cross" 20:4 66-88
Pillai Shanthini The Intertwining Vines of Liturgy, Ethnicity, and Nationhood: The Nativized Imaginary of the Malaysian Catholic Community 18:1 94-112
Pirtle Carolyn The Via Pulchritudinis, Fauré’s Requiem, and the Eucharist 19:2 127-149
Pitt David Incarnation and Eschaton in Olivier Messiaen's Le Verbe 14:1 15-37
Pius XII The Anniversary of Rerum Novarum 5:4 156-169
Polkinghorne John Can a Scientist Pray? 2:2 9-27
Potter Brett David Creative Intuition after Beauty: Jacques Maritain's Philosophy of Art in the Contemporary Context 21:2 81-108
Porter Rev. Lawrence B. St. Lawrence's Death on a Grill: Fact or Fiction? An Update on the Controversy 20:4 89-111
Pruss Alexander R. Not Out of Lust but in Accordance with Truth: Theological and Philosophical Reflections on Sexuality and Reality 6:4 51-80
Purcell William F. The Gospel According to Barbara Kingsolver: Brother Fowles and St. Francis of Assisi in The Poisonwood Bible 12:1 93-116
Pursell Brennan C. The Historical Theory of Benedict XVI 11:3 49-67
Last Name First Name Title Volume Pages
Raab Christian In Search of the Masculine Genius: The Contribution of Walter J. Ong 21:1 83-117 Rachels James Moral Philosophy as a Subversive Activity: An excerpt from Applied Ethics: A Reader 5:1 160-163 Radzilowski Paul Glory and the Historian: Some Propositions 11:4 123-146 Ragusa Hannah Beholding the Beauty of Being: Artistic Creativity in the Thomistic Tradition 20:2 105-131 Raiger Michael The Place of the Self in C. S. Lewis's The Great Divorce: A Marriage of the "Two Lewises" 13:2 109-131 Raith II Charles Aquinas on Paul’s Use of the Old Testament: The Implications of Participation 18:2 66-87 Rapley Elizabeth Feeding the Hungry, Caring for the Poor in an Affluent Society: The Shepherds of Good Hope of Ottawa, 1983-1991 6:2 134-145 Redmond Walter Edith Stein on Evolution 13:2 153-176 Reichardt Mary R. Catholicism and Literature 1:4 200-205 Reidy James Newman as a Master of the Spirit 8:4 64-85 Reilly Patrick The Heirs of Vanni Fucci: Malice in Modern Fiction 2:1 11-30 Reinsch II Richard M. Orestes Brownson's Freedom of the Church: Introducing Orestes A Brownson's Essay "Civil and Religious Freedom" 20:4 112-123 Reitan Eric Christianity and Partisan Politics 2:4 82-96 Reitan Eric From a Logical Point of View, Response to Mill 6:1 178-186 Rhein Jacob D. How Dawson Read The City Of God 17:1 36-62 Rhodes James M. Gerhart Niemeyer: Seeker for the Way 10:2 113-125 Rhonheimer Martin Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ": A Plea for Fairness 8:1 13-27 Richey Lance Existentialism and Christian Humanism: Josef Pieper’s Critique of Sartre Revisited 18.3 33-56 Rivera Mary Anne Jubilee: A Magazine of the Church and Her People, Toward a Vatican II Ecclesiology 10:4 77-103 Robichaud Paul David Jones, Christopher Dawson, and the Meaning of History 6:3 68-85 Robinette Brian D. Heraclitean Nature and the Comfort of the Resurrection: Theology in an Open Space 14:4 13-38 Rolnick Phillip A. Keeping Faith: Evolution and Theology 13:2 132-153 Romagosa Alfredo The Carolingian Renaissance and Christian Humanism 6:4 136-149 Roniger Scott J. Platonic Eros and Catholic Faith in Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited 22:4 42-77 Rorty Richard Rorty v. Searle, At Last: A Debate 2:3 20-67 Rose Matthew The Liberal Arts and the Virtues: A Thomistic History 18:2 34-65 Rosenberg Randall S. The Drama of Scripture: Reading Patristic Biblical Hermeneutics through Lonergan's Reflections on Art 11:2 126-148 Rosenberg Randall S. The Human Quest and Divine Disclosure according to Walker Percy: An Examination in Light of Lonergan 17:1 63-89 Rouleau Louis J. Holiness and the History of the Church in Benedict XVI’s General Audiences 17:3 158-174 Ruddy Christopher Heroism, Hospitality, and Holiness: Generational Perspectives on the Church-World Relationship 7:1 45-62 Ruddy Deborah Wallace The Humble God: Healer, Mediator, and Sacrifice 7:3 87-108 Rupert Jane The Theocentric Foundation of John Henry Newman's Philosophy of Education 3:2 118-144 Russello Gerald J. Introduction to Christopher Dawson, "America and the Secularization of Modern Culture" 3:3 11-22
Last Name First Name Title Volume Pages
Salter David Anthony Van Dyck's St. Sebastian: Reimagining the Death of a Martyr 9:1 145-163
Salter David Remembering the Catholic Middle Ages: The Fransiscans, English National Identity, and William Hogarth's The Roast Beef of Old England 16:4 99-123
Sandelands Lloyd E. Christmas Thoughts on Business Education 11:3 126-155
Savage Deborah The Nature of Woman in Relation to Man: Genesis 1 and 2 through the Lens of the Metaphysical Anthropology of Aquinas 8:4 71-93
Savino Damien Marie Atheistic Science: The Only Option? 12:4 56-73
Sayers Dorothy L. Are Women Human? 8:4 165-178
Schall James V. On Education and Salvation 2:2 50-63
Schall James V. On the Problem of Philosophic Learning 5:1 103-119
Schall James V. "The Whole Risk for a Human Being": On the Insuffiency of Apollo 7:2 14-29
Schall James V. Chesterton: The Real "Heretic": "The Outstanding Eccentricity of the Peculiar Sect Called Roman Catholics" 9:3 72-86
Schall James On the Teaching of Classical Literature 19:3 137-147
Schemenauer Kevin The Infused Virtue of Simplicity: Saint Francis de Sales and Dietrich von Hildebrand 20:3 95-121
Schenk Richard The Epoche of Factical Damnation: On the Costs of Bracketing Out the Likelihood of Final Loss 1:3 122-154
Schenk Richard Vatican II and Jacques Maritain: Resources for the Future? Approaching the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Council 13:1 79-106
Scheske Eric J. Orestes Brownson: His Life, His Catholicism 7:2 137-164
Schiltz Elizabeth R. Should Bearing the Child Mean Bearing All the Cost? A Catholic Perspective on the Sacrifice of Motherhood and the Common Good 10:3 15-33
Schindler David L. Homelessness and the Modern Condition: The Family, Evangelization, and the Global Economy 3:4 34-56
Schintgen Christine Why Do the Slothful Not Have a Prayer? 18.3 100-112
Schlag Martin The Challenge to Catholic Social Thought Posed by Pope Francis: His Strong Moral Messages to Business 21:1 40-63
Schlueter Nathan The Virtue of "Lying": Recovering the "Saving Beauty" of Plato's Poetic Vision 9:1 72-107
Schroth Raymond A. A Fordham Year of Death and Life 2:1 82-104
Schultze George E. Work, Worship, Laborem Exercens and the United States Today 5:4 25-48
Schulz Joshua Indissoluble Marriage: A Defense 15:2 118-137
Schumacher Michele Marie The Prophetic Vocation of Women and the Order of Love 2:2 147-192
Schumacher Michele Marie Therese, Woman in the Church 3:3 124-153
Schumacher Michele Marie The Meaning of Freedom and the Redefinition of Marriage 18.3 113-122
Schwartz Adam "I Thought the Church and I Wanted the Same Thing": Opposition to Twentieth-Century Liturgical Change in the Thought of Graham Greene, Christopher Dawson, and David Jones 1:4 36-65
Schwartz Adam Swords of Honor: The Revival of Orthodox Christianity in Twentieth-Century Britain 4:1 11-33
Schwartz Adam Conceiving a Culture of Life in a Century of Bones: G. K. Chesterton and Malcolm Muggeridge as Social Critics 11:2 50-76
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