Vol 22:2 - Spring 2019


David P. Deavel

Managing Editor

Elizabeth M. Kelly

Associate Editors

John F. Boyle
David N. Foote

22.2 Preface Conserving and Renewing the Permanent Things

Mary Ann Glendon, The Spiritual Journey of Wallace Stevens: How an Atheist Professor Nudged a Post-Christian Poet toward Catholicism

Brent Little, Hatred between Belief and Faith: Conversion in The End of the Affair and Till We Have Faces

Andrew T. J. Kaethler, Mary, Unity, and the Pathos for Equality: Alexander Schmemann’s “Scandalous” Embrace of Difference

Mary Ann Melfi, The Awful Grace of God: Patterns of Liminality in Greene’s The Heart of the Matter


Robert G. Kennedy, Social Justice and Competing Visions of the Common Good

Jean-Ives Calvez, SJ, and Jacques Perrin, SJ, The Expression “Social Justice” Before and After Quadragesimo anno

22.2 Contributor Notes