Vol 21:4 - Fall 2018


David P. Deavel

Managing Editor

Elizabeth M. Kelly

Associate Editors

John F. Boyle
David N. Foote

21.4 Preface: Thomism and the Challenge of Integral Ecology

21.4 Catholic Studies A Brief History

Emmanual Falque and Laure Solignac, Thinking In Franciscan: Part 1, trans. Stephen E. Lewis.

Vincent Wargo, Festivity, Tradition, and Hope: Josef Pieper and the Historical Meaning of Human Praxis

M. T. Lu, Modern Thought and the Sapiential Dimension of Philosophy

Adam Glover, Corpus Mysticum: Transubstantiation and the Poetics of Ecstasy

Pyong-Gwan Pak, SJ, St. Bernard of Clairvaux on the Riddle of Human Desire: The Necissity of a Reversal of Priorities in the Human Life of Desire

21.4 Contributor Notes