20:4 - Fall 2017


David P. Deavel

Managing Editor

Elizabeth M. Kelly

Associate Editors

John F. Boyle
David N. Foote

Preface: David P. Deavel, Two Decades of Eternal Exploration

Sr. Albert Marie Surmanski, OP, Hunger and Thirst: Suffering with Christ in Sts. Catherine of Siena and Teresa of Kolkatta

John F. Owens, SM, Creation, Paradise Lost, and Modernity

Matthew Muller, The False Idol of Beauty: Bl. John Henry Newman's Critiques of Aesthetics and the Challenge of Evangelization

Marisa Pierson, Apocalyptic Conversion in a Sacramental World: The Meeting of Heaven and Earth in Chesterton's The Ball and the Cross

Rev. Lawrence B. Porter, St. Lawrence's Death on a Grill: Fact or Fiction? An Update on the Controversy


Richard M. Reinsch II, Orestes Brownson's Freedom of the Church: Introducing Orestes A. Brownson's Essay "Civil and Religious Freedom"

Orestes A. Brownson, "Civil and Religious Freedom" from Seeking the Truth‌‌

Contributor Notes