Vol 20:2 - Spring 2017


David P. Deavel

Managing Editor

Elizabeth M. Kelly

Associate Editors

John F. Boyle
David N. Foote

Preface: Prospects of a Catholic Literary Revival

Anthony Giambrone, OP, “You Spoke in a Vision” (Ps 89:19): Iconoclasm, the Incarnation, the Aspiration of Christian Art

Nicholas E. Lombardo, OP, Boredom and Modern Culture

James Matthew Wilson, The Catholicity of Beauty

Daniel P. Maher, Human Action in Philosophy and Poetry

Hannah Woldum Ragusa, Beholding the Beauty of Being: Artistic Creativity in the Thomistic Tradition


Gregory Yuri Glazov, Vladimir Solovyov’s “Sins of Russia,” “Protest,” and “Obituary for Joseph Rabinovich”

Vladimir Solovyov, Letters

Contributor Notes