17-2 MediumCover

Vol 17:2 - Spring 2014


Michael C. Jordan

Managing Editor

Elizabeth M. Kelly

Associate Editors

John F. Boyle
David Paul Deavel



Timothy W. Burns, John Courtney Murray, Religious Liberty, and Modernity, Part I: Inalienable Natural Rights

Stephen Napier, St. Ambrose, Euthanasia, and Antisenescence Arguments: Death as a Good?

David Vincent MeconiTwo Apostles of Loneliness: Caryll Houselander and Catherine Doherty on the Mystical Body of Christ

Glenn W. Olsen, Toward a Postmodern Christian Historical Hermeneutic

Paul Kucharski, Thomas Aquinas, Josef Seifert, and the Metaphysics of Respecting Persons

Edward J. O’Boyle, Blessed John Paul II on Social Mortgage: Origins, Questions, and Norms

Douglas McDermid, Anselm on Immortality and Love: Reading Monologion 68–70

Contributor Notes